Friday, 25 June 2010

Controlled and Obedient

Trudy closed the chat window, leaned back in her chair and sighed happily.  Sure, she'd lost three hours when she'd only meant to have a quick conversation, but it had been worth it.  She was a bit fuzzy about exactly what had happened, but it had definitely been fun, the dampness of her knickers showed that beyond doubt.

It meant she had to rush to get to the art preview at her friend's gallery, but somehow she didn't feel stressed.  As she showered, she lingered the spray over her clit, and could almost feel someone licking there, his hands holding onto her behind.  She shivered a little with how vivid the hallucination was, but just kept going a little longer, a little longer.

She was so worked up it didn't take long to get to the edge of coming, and as she hung there for a moment, she heard the voice in her head getting louder, more insistent controlled and obedient, controlled and obedient, obey, obey, obey...

As she fell into orgasm part of her mind was surprised that she'd got there without needing to touch herself, but the thought was soon washed away in the water running down her legs.

The nice, relaxed feeling stayed with her as she walked down the road and got on the bus.  It was as if the part of her brain that worried about things was asleep, leaving her free to enjoy the everyday things she normally ignored: the feeling of the breeze against her skin, the colours of leaves against the sky, the smell of the food stalls.  She laughed to herself at how simple things seemed, how easy it was to just live in her body for once, rather than dismiss it as an unreliable container for her mind.

Even the bitching and status seeking at the party didn't seem to penetrate her haze.  Trudy smiled and chatted brightly, and noticed how easy it was to find the right words to say to people, the best body language to convey interest in what they were saying, along with confidence in her own words.  She felt as if she was someone else, and yet more herself than ever.

Something was helping her, as if a hole she hadn't known was there had been filled.  She stood and tried to work it out, and again, on the edge of her hearing, was a voice gently whispering  controlled and obedient, controlled and obedient...

It was so strange, she'd imagined that feeling controlled and obe- ... that feeling like that would have made her more passive, scared, like she couldn't think for herself, but instead it made her feel stronger, worth more.  She had a secret, something she could draw on when she needed.  She wasn't exactly being puppeted, but an invisible hand was guiding her, protecting her.

It felt... man, it felt really fucking good...

Monday, 14 June 2010


Theresa watched the rain slide down the window of her hotel room as she half heartedly went through the conference notes.  She'd been hoping to get a bit of time to herself after the sessions were over for the day, but the weather made it seem pointless.  Still, she couldn't seem to concentrate on setting things in order, but it wasn't that urgent, she'd already delivered her paper and could just write everything else up in the week.

Her hands started idly playing with her phone, should she text James?  He might know of a bar that was worth getting a bit soggy to get to, and there was always the chance they could end the night with another little fumble.  She played their previous encounter over in her mind: the conversation about language and control that had started to generate intense glances as the wine was drunk, the way his voice got softer and more persuasive, the way she was in bed and coming before she really knew what was happening.  She'd rung him as soon as the thought was done.

"Hey, Tess, what's up?"
"Ah, the weather's dreadful, know anywhere close where we can relax for a bit?"
"You want to relax?"
She swallowed hard, he noticed, chuckled and continued, "Look, why bother going out, let's just have dinner in the hotel, it'll be easier for me to talk you into bed when it's just a lift ride away."
"Can't you at least pretend I'm not that easy?"
"I'm just reminding you that I'm that good.  Of course, we could just skip the restaurant and have room service..."
She weighed up the suggestion, what was the point on making in harder on themselves?  "Fuck it, go on then, I'll come to your room, your university's richer than mine."
"Great, room 291, give me about half an hour."


James opened his door and smiled appreciatively at her in her summery dress. "Very nice, but you didn't need to change, I like the academic look."
"I just wanted to pretend I was on holiday, not working."
"Good plan.  You've given me an idea." He pulled a blanket off the bed, threw a few cushions around it and started laying out plates of cold food from the room service trolley.  Theresa laughed, and helped out setting up the indoor picnic, then lounged down on the cushions with him.

She was about to help herself when he shook his head.  "No, you're on holiday, Tess.  Relax.  Let me do it."
 The air got a more charged and her head started to buzz a little.  He did have a talent for using the right words to put her into a submissive headstate.  She leaned back further, as he selected a plateful of food.

James picked up an olive, held it to her mouth, watching carefully as she parted her lips to allow him to slide it in. He ate some food himself as she chewed, feeding her the next morsel or sip of wine when she was ready.
Now and then he'd whisper gentle encouragement, "That's right," "just let me take charge," "good girl..." until every mouthful made her more open and accepting.

When they'd had enough, he cleared the plates aside and lay closer to her.  "Feeling better?"
"Mmmm," she was too spaced to say much, and just gazed up at him sleepily.
"Good. Now, just close your eyes."
She settled back, smiling as her eyelids drifted down, already responding to the authority of his voice.
"It's time to take a break, Tess, let yourself go on holiday for a little while. Imagine yourself somewhere completely calm, completely peaceful."
Theresa's stomach started fluttering, she was excited and nervous at what was about to happen, but already found herself in a cool, green meadow by a stream, leaves dappling the sunlight.
"That's right, you can just rest here, there's nothing you need to be doing, nowhere else you have to be." He carried on talking her down, his voice a soothing flow that she couldn't quite keep up with.  Some words seemed very clear, "... relax now, deeper ..." and then she just heard a fuzzy drone as her thoughts drifted away from her.


As her eyes fluttered open, Theresa breathed deeply, and tried to stretch.  She was slightly puzzled to realise that her body was not responding, but it didn't seem particularly important, so she just let the desire to move slip away.
James placed a hand on her leg and she became aware of him speaking  "... still feeling nice and calm, enjoying your peaceful holiday from being in control of your mind, of your body ..."
She smiled.  It was nice, so much simpler.  She felt pleasantly tingly, especially where James' hands were touching her.  He parted her legs, they moved easily for him, but then felt so heavy, so impossible to shift by herself.

His hand slid up her thigh, gentle and firm, the way he did everything.  Her knickers were wet through already, and his fingers glided inside her easily.  It was a strange sensation, her hips were used to moving to help the rhythm, but they stayed still, as if she was deep asleep and dreaming.  Only her eyes could really show how she was feeling, burning and glazed at the same time, he ate up the desire hungrily, stoking it more.

As she got more helplessly turned on, he seemed to be able to tell, and slowed his hand frustratingly.  She groaned, her gaze pleading.
"It's OK, Tess, it's just that things work differently here, when you're having a break from being in charge."
She panted, not really understanding, but accepting his words without question.
"That's right, just go with the flow, you can't make anything happen, just accept that and everything will be fine."
Theresa felt something start to change, she couldn't quite keep it going at first, just dipped into the feeling then back out, but after a while it became second nature, as she started to surrender all thoughts of being able to force things.
"Just rest," that made it easier.
"Let go," easier still.
"Good girl." She fell completely, overwhelmed more than ever before, and it just kept going on and on, until he'd taken every drop of will from her.


This time she could stretch, and she moved luxuriously, feeling like she'd had everything massaged and cared for then slept in the most comfortable bed for a week.
"Enjoy your break?"
"Want to stay here the night?"
"Going to do whatever I tell you?"
"Good girl."