Friday, 6 January 2012

Doing it right

His eyes are mocking, but there's a flicker of wariness. She's so hungry for him, can he keep control? "My, my, you're dying for it tonight," he murmurs.

"Do me."

He chuckles, "What? Did you really just say that?"

"Yes, I'll do anything you want, but, please, do me now."

His hand reaches out to her, hangs in the air for a moment, strokes her face. "I'll hold you to it, you know that, I'll use you now anyway, then I'll make you do things that make you sick tomorrow."

"I don't care, I put myself in your hands, I trust you."

He shivers imperceptibly. Does she know what it does to him when she says that? He'd do anything she wants just to hear that, to see her eyes, gazing up at him so vulnerable, so helpless, so infinitely strong.

Instead of telling her this, he just smirks. "Oh dear. Bad judge of character."

She doesn't waver. Brave.

"Open up," he commands.

Her lips part instantly, fingers slide inside, and her eyes close. He doesn't know why she likes it so much, just knows that her mind is slowing down, that she feels like a drug is coursing through her veins, that she's getting wet. He's given her lots of addictions over the years, but this one was hard wired before they met.

He takes the time to think. What does she need from him? How can he take her to the place where she's satisfied? She might think she wants something brutal, for the pain to be beaten out of her, but his job is to know her better than she does herself.

"Be still for me," he whispers in her ear as he slowly glides her clothes from her body. She's as peaceful and glowing as a saint, yet he can see her muscles twitch as he caresses her so lightly it's on the edge of tickling.

She gasps when she feels him kissing her clit. Her flesh is hot and slippery and the coolness of his mouth just fires her all the more. He senses and leads her pleasure through his tongue: wide, slow licks become a rapid pattering rain, then slide into an irresistible spiralling motion.

As her orgasm approaches, he pulls away and gets up. She mewls plaintively. "Keep your eyes closed, stay standing," he tells her, his cold tone not giving away that he's watching her with a massive grin. The room is warm, so he knows her shuddering is caused by her extreme arousal.

He waits just beyond the point that where she wonders if he's still in the room, then orders, "Fall backwards." On some level she knows the bed is there of course, but she obeys too quickly for her to have considered this first.

He pins her down, fucks her, no need for anything fancy, she's completely his already.

After a while she opens her eyes without thinking, they flicker in fear, but he smiles kindly. "Shh, it's OK," he tells her. They both see nothing but the other's gaze, feel no barriers, melt into each other. "Ahh, f..." He loses words as she comes around him, he pulses deep inside her, everything is bliss for an endless moment.

He holds her close as she drifts off, marvelling again at how all he has to do to please her is do exactly what he wants to do to please himself.