Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Night Before All Hallows...

A Lady Auch story


I find it a little hackneyed that there is a huge influx of dabblers into our little club at this time of year, but I'm not one to turn away potential converts, and it was lovely to see the effort they had put in.

Of course, the real fun started at midnight, when the members only party opened in the Black Chamber. It was not much more astonishing than our usual gatherings, but Halloween does bring the beast out somewhat.

I took a back seat for most of the evening in case I was needed out front, so Kitty was chosen as Mistress of Ceremonies this year. She looked simply marvellous, like a Dominatrix Louise Brooks, and strode around the room searching for the most inventive combinations for the small stage.

The boys were all straining their pants for her personal attentions, but instead she set up tableaux from gorgeous nightmares, whispering instructions then stepping off to watch.

One that I caught was Theresa as an exquisite Vampire, enthralling a clutch of beautiful young ladies and gentlemen. They acted their parts so well, I wondered if she did have some power over them, as they helplessly stripped and knelt for her to take their necks. She stroked them delicately, gazing into their eyes as she heightened the tension, and their moans when the bite came were like perfectly controlled orgasms.

There were Catgirls whipping Superheroines, Melodrama Villains tying up Robotboys, all sorts of sexy Ghouls and Zombies and Monsters in unusual combinations.

When all possibilities had been exhausted Kitty finally took the stage herself, and a hush fell. She started speaking in a velvety stream, it became almost an incantation, and suddenly I found myself onstage. I should have been shocked, protested that I couldn't do this, frankly I would normally have turned her around and spanked her silly, but I didn't. I stood there meekly as she smiled malevolently at me.

In a dream, I floated into position at her wordless commands, forgetting all the others around me. I lazily undressed to my underwear, allowed my hands to be pulled above my head and cuffed to a chain hanging down. I felt serene and dreadfully aroused at the same time as my world narrowed to the sensations she inflicted on me.

First I was teased with peacock feathers, an exotic torture that made me wriggle and groan, particularly when my private parts were stroked. Then her nails raked my skin in hypnotic patterns, as if she was drawing runes on me to bind my will further. Finally she brought out a selection of intricately carved crops and started with light stings on my feet and hands, working her way onto precise beating of my more sensitive areas, leaving only my sex and face untouched. Through it all I submitted gracefully, each stroke branding my with mysterious sigils that seemed to sink into my mind as much as my body.

When I was completely exhausted, hanging from sore wrists, and with tears drying on my face, she gazed once more into my eyes, her wide pupils the only sign of her own excitement. "Almost done," she whispered, and held her hand millimetres away from my heated mound. We breathed together heavily for a while, then I felt the breeze of her hand being taken away rapidly, then returning with force. I screamed and came violently, shuddering out the last of my consciousness in grateful tribute to the surprising events of the night.

I came to, fully clothed where I had been at the start of the act. Confused I looked around me and saw that everyone else had the same expression as I. The woman next to me blushed and rushed from the room, and I realised that somehow we had all believed we were at the centre of this little drama. I glanced Kitty's way, and she winked at me prettily, with pupils as wide as I had envisioned in my trance. I was incredibly impressed and vowed to give the spellbinding darling a bonus.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

This hurts me...

A Lady Auch story

I have been frightfully busy with work recently, and neglecting my beloved in a most inexcusable way. Of course, he has not usually complained, serving me as graciously as ever. However last night, as I was going through my papers in my rooms with him kneeling naked beside me, I heard him utter a distinct sigh of boredom.

I simply could not let this pass.

"Did you have something to say, my darling?" my voice was as icy-sweet as fresh Glacé.

He shivered deliciously. "N-no, my lady."

I smiled inside, I have not heard him use the title for weeks, and had almost forgotten how it tickled my pleasure, despite its melodramatic nature.

"Angel," I sigh, "I'm afraid I can tell when you are lying to me." He was the very picture of contrition and restrained fear and I knew my bookkeeping was over for the night. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you," I ordered in a calm but stern voice and was rewarded with his most submissive gaze.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, resigned to his fate.

I gave him instructions as if speaking to a naughty child. "Go and lie down on the bed, face down. Put your arms above your head. Do not make a noise." He hurried to obey, apparently highly excited by what was to come. I would have to be careful to take him to the point where he learnt his lesson, or he would be slighting me all the time to get the stimulation he craved!

I knelt across him, binding his arms to the headboard. He was struggling to be able to breathe with his face in the pillows already, so I gently pushed him down even more. He wriggled in a maddening way against my damp groin, and I leant down to hiss into his ear, "do not, ever, express boredom at being allowed to serve me, in whatever way I choose."

Charmingly, he used some of his diminishing breath to mumble "no, my lady." I relented a little and moved the pillows underneath his his chest. His gasps of relief became more panic ridden as he heard me open the trunk.

"I'm afraid it really has to be the whip tonight, beloved."