Tuesday, 16 October 2007

This hurts me...

A Lady Auch story

I have been frightfully busy with work recently, and neglecting my beloved in a most inexcusable way. Of course, he has not usually complained, serving me as graciously as ever. However last night, as I was going through my papers in my rooms with him kneeling naked beside me, I heard him utter a distinct sigh of boredom.

I simply could not let this pass.

"Did you have something to say, my darling?" my voice was as icy-sweet as fresh Glacé.

He shivered deliciously. "N-no, my lady."

I smiled inside, I have not heard him use the title for weeks, and had almost forgotten how it tickled my pleasure, despite its melodramatic nature.

"Angel," I sigh, "I'm afraid I can tell when you are lying to me." He was the very picture of contrition and restrained fear and I knew my bookkeeping was over for the night. "Look at me when I'm speaking to you," I ordered in a calm but stern voice and was rewarded with his most submissive gaze.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, resigned to his fate.

I gave him instructions as if speaking to a naughty child. "Go and lie down on the bed, face down. Put your arms above your head. Do not make a noise." He hurried to obey, apparently highly excited by what was to come. I would have to be careful to take him to the point where he learnt his lesson, or he would be slighting me all the time to get the stimulation he craved!

I knelt across him, binding his arms to the headboard. He was struggling to be able to breathe with his face in the pillows already, so I gently pushed him down even more. He wriggled in a maddening way against my damp groin, and I leant down to hiss into his ear, "do not, ever, express boredom at being allowed to serve me, in whatever way I choose."

Charmingly, he used some of his diminishing breath to mumble "no, my lady." I relented a little and moved the pillows underneath his his chest. His gasps of relief became more panic ridden as he heard me open the trunk.

"I'm afraid it really has to be the whip tonight, beloved."

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