Thursday, 22 December 2011


The young man was sat at his usual bench in the park, eating lunch by the skate ramps. Eliane appreciated the view as much as he did. She slid into place next to him but he made no sign of having seen her.

"Boo," she whispered.

He jumped, glancing around, but looking right through her. "Fucking hell, you're going to give me a heart attack one of these days..."

Eliane chuckled and tickled him lightly on the back of the neck, then when he flapped in that direction, gave him feather light touches around his smooth face, skinny chest, wiry arms, until he sighed in frustration and gave up trying to fight her.

She was pleased, the suggestions were holding well, not only couldn't he see her, but it didn't occur to him to grab her hand or wrestle her away. He was helpless and didn't know why.

"Shh, Jessie," she breathed in his ear, "you're safe now, I'm here."

He relaxed with a childlike smile, eyes glazing slightly, and her heart went out to him. He'd been so drunk the night they'd met, wild and broken, and something had called out to her. It hadn't taken much to seduce him, she was half lost too, and they'd fallen into instant rapport, both trying to blot out the pain with booze, loud music, and feral lust.

She'd let him remember that night, but had shut away his ability to connect it with his invisible tormentor. Perhaps a part of him knew who she was, but so long as it just stayed nice and quiet while she had her way, it didn't really matter.

Eliane stroked his hair gently, enjoying the feeling of his long, dark locks sliding through her fingers. She felt protective of him, like an older sister, helping him have some direction in his life. A slightly sick direction, but he'd told her all his fantasies while he was under, wishing he was brave enough to try them out, and it was her pleasure to help him fulfil them.

"OK, playtime for Jessie now," she murmured.

Immediately he sat up straighter, looked older, more assured. His eyes took on a predatory gleam as he looked over at the skater boys.

"That one keeps checking you out," Eliane was more than invisible now, she was just a voice in his head, on the edge of his consciousness, but impossible to resist.

Jessie smiled, he'd been plotting his moves before she'd arrived anyway, not realising that he'd actually carry them out.

"Go and get him," she gently commanded, sitting back to enjoy the show. Her protégé was an excellent operator, chatting smoothly to the kids, only a few years younger than him anyway. Without it being obvious, Jessie managed to home in on the cute guy who'd been looking over, and the others drifted away while he reeled him in.

Eliane knew better than to interfere with this, Jessie was a natural at friendly persuasion, he just needed a bit of a boost in confidence. She slipped away to let herself into his flat and wait for the next stage.

It wasn't long before the pair arrived, she listened from the bedroom as they chatted, and smirked when the usual seduction album started to play. Peering round the door, she was pleased to see that things hadn't gone to far, time to make an entrance.

"Sleepytime for Jessie, now." She said briskly as she came into the living room. The skater boy turned round, startled, but her friend just fell back onto the sofa with a blissed out expression, eyes closed, and hand absently gliding over his groin.

The kid stood up nervously, "Uh, sorry, uh, I saw you at the park didn't I? Do you live here?" He looked back at the tranced man with fear and curiosity. "What have you done... hypnosis, right?"

Good, he was relatively bright, much more fun to work with. "Yes, clever boy," she purred, "he's deeply asleep and doesn't hear us." She sat down, and motioned that he should return to sit opposite her. "What's your name, baby?"

"Kurt," he answered as he warily perched on the edge of the seat.

Eliane laughed softly, probably the child of grunge parents, he'd lived up to his namesake with shaggy, dyed blond hair and a distant, haunted look.

"Erm, is this, like, a threesome thing?" He asked hesitantly.

She smiled, showing her teeth. "Would you like it if it was?"

"Um, I guess that'd be OK, I'm bi and stuff..."

"And stuff?"

He looked at her evenly. "I just go with the flow."

Good to know. "I'll let you get on with things in a minute, trust me, you won't even know I'm here."

He grinned wryly and nodded to the sofa. "What, like him?"

Yes, definitely a smart one. "It looks quite nice, though, doesn't it? He's happy, relaxed, turned on, no worries, no concerns, no responsibilities, just drifting, feeling so good..."

Despite himself, the skater was drawn into her soothing description, watching the other man's chest rise and fall regularly, listening to the soft rhythm of his breathing. Jessie's erection was straining at his tight jeans, pressing against his hand a little with every heartbeat. It was too entrancing a tableau to resist, and soon Kurt's own breath had fallen in time, his eyelids drooping, he sank back against the cushions, his own cock tenting a little in his cut-offs.

Eliane wished this could go on forever, they were so peaceful, so perfect. She kept her voice as quiet as possible, not wanting to break the spell, as she subtly linked his focus on Jessie to not needing to consciously see or hear her. She'd have to see how well he took direction, he seemed submissive to the older man anyway, so she just reinforced how arousing it was to let other people make decisions for you, hoping that would be enough. After telling him that he didn't need to remember seeing her - he'd just spaced out listening to the music, she woke both of them up slowly and waited.

They blinked, and grinned shyly at each other, not sure if they'd been the only one to doze off.

"Wow, that's some band there, I totally went!" said Kurt, awed, not looking in Eliane's direction at all.

She relaxed, it seemed to be working. "Get Kurt a drink, have one too."

Jessie swung into action, turning the record over, then getting a bottle and glasses. He was efficient and sexy, cool enough to impress the younger man, easygoing enough to inspire trust. He handed over a glass of amber spirits, looking cheekily through his fringe, pale eyes darker than usual. "You old enough to drink?"

Kurt sipped at his whiskey, obviously not that used to it. "Heh, yeah... just."

Corrupting the innocent, her favourite game. "Stick your finger in your glass, then put it in his mouth. Say this..."

"Maybe you need me to teach you..." he repeated after her, parting Kurt's pillowy lips with his finger. As they boy looked up at him through long lashes and suckled, they both knew that he wasn't innocent at all. Somehow, Jessie managed to turn his longing into an arrogant air of entitlement.

Eliane wasn't so strong, whimpering a little at the sight, before gasping, "Drink but don't swallow, kiss him, let it flow into his mouth."

Her puppet obeyed, as much in thrall to the sensual compliance of his conquest as he was to her orders. The kid was good, very good: leading Jessie back to the sofa while seeming to be the one being guided.

The woman watching couldn't compete, she felt a stab of bittersweet pain at not being part of the scene in front of her. "Use him, use each other, just do what comes naturally," she rasped, breathing raggedly.

Time slowed, strong hands undressing each other, claiming skin, caressing and teasing. Lips on cocks, tongues in assholes, she lost track of who was who, wishing beyond reason that she had half the power this fair haired teenager had.

Eventually, watcher and watched were all spent, she'd kept turning the album over, but it had faded to silence again. The sweat dried on naked bodies in the dim light, and a peace settled over them.

Kurt stroked the other man's hair fondly, "I've got to go back for tea, Mum'll be expecting me."

Jessie groaned, "fuck, I feel like such a perv when you say things like that."

"Heh, don't be silly," the boy replied as he pulled on his clothes, "I mean, you are a perv, but not 'cos I'm eighteen."

Eliane felt more invisible than ever. Although she'd felt privileged to witness the passion that had passed between them, she still felt like an interloper, a parasite. She felt sickened by herself, wished that she could just have something pure for a change.

"Wanna take my number?" asked Jessie.

"Sure," replied Kurt, but as they fiddled with their phones he continued, "I'm not sure I'm quite what you're after though."

The older guy was on the back foot again. "Huh?"

"Never mind, you'll work it out," he walked to the door, and turned before he left. "Oh, and thank you."

Eliane shivered, she could have sworn he'd been looking right at her when he said it.