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Cloudhead: Woman, 30, watching Hypnosis Show in a dingy club.

DreamGiver: Man, 34, comes in and is drawn towards the woman.

Cloudhead: I'm sitting at the bar, feigning occasional interest in the stage. I look like I could use some company, but would reject it if it came.

DreamGiver: I sit down next to you, order a drink. You feel my eyes on you but whenever you glance at me I'm looking at something else.

Cloudhead: I try to hide my interest but something about you intrigues me. I watch you out of the corner of my eye, hoping I'm hidden by the fringe on my short, dark bob.

DreamGiver: I've noticed you looking at me and allow myself to smile slightly. The average woman might not be interested in someone like me, but you seem to be as attracted to my bookish looks as I am to your air of mystery.

Cloudhead: You appear to be engrossed in the stage so I risk a proper look at you. You're exactly my type; you look intellectual but cool; fit but not beefy; and your eyes... your eyes are looking right at me.

DreamGiver: As I finally catch your eye, I give what I hope is a reassuring smile, an ask "What do you think of the show?"

Cloudhead: I smile back, relieved you've broken the ice. "Oh, it's not that great, I don't know why I come to these things."

DreamGiver: "Yeah, they're pretty dumb. Have you ever gone up on stage?"

Cloudhead: I look shifty. "No, have you?"

DreamGiver: I laugh. "No, but it must be a strange experience, feeling drawn up there without knowing why, finding yourself experiencing something new and exciting, leaving yourself behind for a while..."

Cloudhead: "You make it sound quite appealing."

DreamGiver: "Well, haven't you ever wondered what it's like to be hypnotised?"

Cloudhead: I feel myself blushing. Strange things are happening in my head but I ignore them and try to answer. "Yes, I suppose so but it'd be very frightening."

DreamGiver: "Oh no, that's just your fear of trying something new. I'm sure once you were in the situation you'd find it a very pleasant, rewarding experience." I look into your eyes and smile slowly.

Cloudhead: Your eyes are very compelling and I panic that you've been hypnotising me without me knowing. "Well maybe I should be going," I say hurriedly.

DreamGiver: I look disappointed. "Oh, and we were just getting to know each other." I take a risk and brush down the side of your face lightly with my finger. "I think we've still got plenty to talk about."

Cloudhead: I start to flinch at your touch, but find it soothing and distracting. Maybe I shouldn't be so hasty. I have a habit of running away from things I really want.

DreamGiver: I'm happy to see you're having second thoughts. "But if you're finding it boring here, maybe we should go somewhere else?"

Cloudhead: I look a little worried, not sure if I'm ready to go anywhere private with you.

DreamGiver: I see your look, so I continue "I know a great bar near here, it's nice and quiet, great for conversation"

Cloudhead: I look relieved and agree to your suggestion.

DreamGiver: I smile to myself, glad that your relief has made you accept my idea and continue chatting pleasantly as we leave and find the bar. It's almost empty but feels friendly and relaxed. We get some drinks and I lead you to a booth, open enough to be safe but private enough so that we can talk without being overheard.

Cloudhead: I look around "It's nice here, good choice." I smile at you feeling daring for doing this with a stranger.

DreamGiver: "Thanks, I just wanted somewhere we could get to know each other a bit better."

Cloudhead: "So, what do you want to know?"

DreamGiver: I give you a look that says: everything, I want to know you inside out, understand all your hopes and fears, what buttons to press and what dreams to spin. Of course, all I actually say is "Whatever you think I'd like to know."

Cloudhead: I'm thrown by the intensity of your look and strange answer, but I'm finding myself liking you more and more, so I buy time by answering with another question. "Like age, job and all that?"

DreamGiver: "Not really, unless you think those things define you?" I smile, wondering how long we can keep being evasive with each other.

Cloudhead: I laugh, "We're going round in circles."

DreamGiver: "Yes. I know: tell me what you wanted to be when you were a kid."

Cloudhead: "Hmmm, that's a tough one. I wanted to be lots of things.... but really - don't laugh - I wanted to be an astronaut."

DreamGiver: "That's great! Do you know why?"

Cloudhead: "Well probably just 'cos I watched too much science fiction, but I think I liked the idea of being away from everyone else, exploring completely new territory, seeing extraordinary things..." I peter out, looking slightly embarrassed.

DreamGiver: You'd looked very beautiful as you talked, dreamy and passionate at the same time. "I know what you mean, it'd be very liberating to be drifting through space, so far away from everything..." I can see your eyes glaze slightly as you imagine what I've said. I soften my voice slightly, "just floating, all your sensations are new and pleasurable, no-one else to distract you, just deep, peaceful space..."

Cloudhead: As I listen to your voice, I start to feel like the bar is fading away, the image of myself in space becomes stronger, and a fuzzy feeling comes over my mind and body.

DreamGiver: It's tempting to put you in a proper trance, but I'm satisfied that you're suggestible enough for me to be able to do so later. "Unfortunately, we're not in space," you shake yourself to slightly, "but maybe we can go there sometime soon," I slip in as your mind comes back to speed.

Cloudhead: I look at my drink, trying to remember how many I've had. I'm feeling a bit spaced out, but I'm enjoying my conversation with you... what were we just talking about? Oh yeah. "So what did you want to be when you were young?"

DreamGiver: "Ah." We're starting to get into areas where I have to decide between trying to create and impression and being honest. I decide you're the kind of person that being honest with will make the biggest impression. "I wanted to be a superhero."

Cloudhead: I laugh, but put my hand on yours to show I'm not being nasty. "That's brilliant, what super power did you want?"

DreamGiver: "Oh well, mental ones, I guess. There were loads of superheroes with physical powers, but if you can read and affect people's minds, you control their bodies anyway..." I look at you sideways to see if I'd said too much.

Cloudhead: I grin broadly. "Well, I know where you're coming from, but that sounds more like a supervillain to me." not that I was put off by that, I'd usually preferred the bad guys.

DreamGiver: "Oh no, I'd use my powers for good." I grin back.

Cloudhead: "Yeah, YOUR good!"

DreamGiver: I sigh, and stare at you with my best mock-mesmer: "Well, obviously I'd enjoy being able to reach into people's heads, see what's there and rearrange it to suit my nefarious purposes, but once I've done that to you, you'll believe it was for you own good anyway..."

Cloudhead: I don't know if you're joking or not, either way you keep tickling at something in my mind that I usually try to ignore, something that does want you to do those things...

DreamGiver: I burst out laughing and you look relieved, but we share a look that confirms we were both slightly taken with my cheesy act.

Cloudhead: I start a more innocuous conversation about comics and science fiction and find you're intelligent and amusing company. Eventually it gets to the point where we have to leave, and I make a decision that seems inevitable. I take a deep breath and blurt out: "Do you want to come back to mine?"

DreamGiver: I say nothing, but smile and pick up my coat.

Cloudhead: When we get to my flat, I feel suddenly nervous. It's been a while since I brought someone I don't know back, and you seem more unpredictable than most.

DreamGiver: I can sense your apprehension and hope I can make you more comfortable. "So are you a 'hang abound in the living room' or a 'head straight for the bedroom' kind of person?"

Cloudhead: I chuckle, "Well I usually do small talk for a while, but I think we might be able to skip that."

DreamGiver: "Why? Not that I'm arguing of course!"

Cloudhead: "Well, we covered a lot of ground in the bar, I think we can safely say you've seen more embarrassing things than my bedroom, metaphorically speaking.

DreamGiver: "OK, but I hope you don't think I'm easy!"

Cloudhead: "I've got a feeling you're going to be far from easy!" I lead you into the bedroom, checking surreptitiously to see if anything needs hiding - it all seems OK. Should I sit on the bed or the only chair? I settle for the bed, figuring that'll leave your own options open as to whether you want to sit next to me, or take the chair yourself.

DreamGiver: I consider joining you on the bed, but choose the chair instead, I don't want to leap into physical stuff before I know I can get your mind where I want it.

Cloudhead: Now that I'm alone in the bedroom with you I start to wonder if I've done the right thing, I was expecting snogging and groping to take my mind off things but you're just sitting there looking at me with a strange expression on your face.

DreamGiver: I decide to go for it.: We'd made enough small talk in the bar. I fix my eyes on a point inside your skull. "I'm glad that we're on our own, far away from everyone else, safe and alone, just you and me, the rest of the world fading away, like we're in space, sleepy and safe, all on our own...:

Cloudhead: After a few seconds I realise I haven't quite been paying attention to what you're saying. Something strange seems to have happened to your voice and I've been focussing on that, so gentle, so soothing, but strangely compelling. It's vibrating in my head and the words just seem to drip into me.

DreamGiver: You're swaying a little and you've got a cute, slightly confused look on your face. I think this is starting to work. "You're beginning to feel so calm and peaceful as you realise everyone else is far away, that there's only you and me, floating and drifting here, safe and detached, sleepy and alone with nothing to worry about..."

Cloudhead: I still haven't really worked out what you're talking about, I can hear the words but I'm too distracted by how nice I'm starting to feel to concentrate. There's a gentle surging in my ears and I'm finding it difficult to keep my eyes open.

DreamGiver: You're obviously having problems sitting upright and your eyes are blinking languidly. " you're feeling so peaceful and relaxed it makes sense to lie down now, so you can enjoy feeling heavy..., and warm..., and relaxed..."

Cloudhead: I hear you say something about lying down and I'm surprised by how good an idea it seems. I'm settling into the bed before I know it.

DreamGiver: "...and now that you're lying down you can really let the last bits of tension float out of your body, starting with your eyes, all that tension you've been keeping there can melt away, let your eyelids finally drift closed, it's such a relief, isn't it?"

Cloudhead: "Mmmm," I hear myself saying as my eyelids give up the fight.

DreamGiver: "Good girl, you can relax now, let go of all the tension from your face, let it flow down your body, taking all the stress and aches from your neck, washing down your chest and arms as they relax completely, let the wonderful relaxed feelings spread downwards, the whole top half of your body is so heavy and relaxed now all the tension is being released from your middle, it feels so good to feel your thighs becoming loose and heavy, all the tension draining down your body, past your knees, your calves becoming so relaxed you're feeling so pleasantly warm and heavy as the last drops of tension flow out of your feet, leaving you completely relaxed from your toes back to your head, where you'll find your mind is as relaxed as your body..."

Cloudhead: I'm floating in a soft cloud of relaxation. My head is so quiet all I can hear is the rushing of my blood in my ears and the gentle sound of your voice. I can't decide if it seems too be coming from a long way away or from right in the centre of my head. It seems easier not to try to work it out and just enjoy how calm it's making me feel.

DreamGiver: "... all the thoughts have floated out of your mind, far away into space where they can drift until you need them again." I watch you lying there, breathing deeply and peacefully, and allow myself a small smile. Now that I've taken you under, I need to decide what to do next. I want to try something I've been thinking about for a long time, but have never found the right subject, until now, I hope.

Cloudhead: I actually feel as if I'm floating in space, but a warm, soft, supportive space, with beautiful stars and galaxies stretched out all around me.

DreamGiver: "You know that you're drifting through space, but now it's time for you to be inside, still in space, but in your own comfortable space ship, built just for you, just how you want it, floating along from planet to planet, all alone, happy and safe in your own special place..."

Cloudhead: I wriggle my body in pleasure, I can feel the ship around me, humming with life: clean, swift technology; soft, simple furnishings.

DreamGiver: "It feels good to know that you're being carried along by the ship, not having to worry about where you're going, it's all being taken care of for you, you can just enjoy the ride."

Cloudhead: Everything feels so simple and easy, I sigh and relax even more.

DreamGiver: "You can stay lying down, but the part of you that's on the ship feels like getting up now, walking gently through your ship, until you reach the bridge, where you can see all of the stars ahead, slowly drifting by"

Cloudhead: I do as you suggest, it's a peculiar feeling but I don't worry about it, it feels perfectly normal to be lying down and walking through corridors at the same time. I can feel the soft carpet under my bare feet and I run my hand along the wall. It's smooth metal is gently vibrating and feels slightly warm to the touch. Soon I arrive in the front of the ship, and even though I know what I will see, I can't suppress a gasp at the vista in front of me. The stars and planets are so clear, so sharply focused, it feels as if I could reach out and touch them.

DreamGiver: I hear you gasp and know you must be there. "You can go and sit down in your chair, looking out at the stars now, getting comfortable again as you settle back, just watching everything flow past the screen, drifting past you, without you needing to worry about anything, the ship carrying you safely through space."

Cloudhead: It's so beautiful, I could just sit and watch for hours.

DreamGiver: Describing the scene and watching you slip deeper into trance all the time, has made me a little dreamy myself. This fits in fine with my plans, and I lie down next to you, resisting the strong urge to caress you. I need to make it easier for us to stay in tune. "Now you want to say out loud what you're seeing, what you're doing, what you're feeling. You'll find you can do this without waking up, that doing this will help you stay relaxed and sleepy. You don't even need to be aware you're doing it, it'll just happen without you needing to think about it." I hope that will help. I close my eyes and put myself into a light trance, telling myself what is going to happen as I do so. I hear my own voice say to you: "You feel, more than see, a presence behind you, but you're so relaxed that it doesn't trouble you. You can just carry on drifting, waiting to see what happens..." but already I'm starting to be more aware of being on the ship with you, standing behind you, looking at your helpless form slumped in front of the viewscreen.

Cloudhead: Through my haze I can feel someone in the room with me, I want to turn to see who it is, but I'm too relaxed to do so, too relaxed to even realise that it's impossible for someone to come on board without me knowing. There is a slight buzz of fear somewhere in my mind, but it's so faint I might be getting it confused with excitement.

DreamGiver: I walk towards you, marvelling slightly at how well I'm blocking out my own voice telling you what I'm doing, and your voice telling me what you are doing. I'm experiencing it as actually happening, and I hope you are too. "You feel the gentle touch of my hands on your shoulders, stroking them, massaging your muscles gently, getting rid of any last knots of tension. My hands gently circle your throat occasionally, but you see no reason to be scared by this. My touch is calming and assertive. It makes you feel good."

Cloudhead: I melt even more at your touch. A warmth spreads from my shoulders down my body and up into my head. It feels very good, like being aroused but without the tension and need to act that usually accompany that feeling. When your hands go around my throat it feels strangely safe, as if they are protecting it rather than being capable of doing harm.

DreamGiver: I put my mouth close to your ear and whisper into you, "I'm not going to hurt you. You can trust me. You feel as if you've known me forever. I'm your lover, visiting you on your ship after a long time away. Show me how pleased you are to see me."

Cloudhead: I turn around and kiss you hungrily, standing up from the chair without stopping my contact with you. Soon I'm pressing my body against you as we kiss, exerting gentle pressure where I know it will turn you on, remind you of how much you desire me, make you want me right now.

DreamGiver: I can't help but respond, I'm already aroused by being here with you, alone in space, able to make you believe anything I want, and as soon as you start trying to seduce me I can barely think of anything apart from wanting to push you down onto the floor and taking you hard. I manage to keep control somehow and tell you "Take me to your room, let me see the place where you've been thinking about me all this time, imagining the day I'll finally be with you."

Cloudhead: I smile impishly at you as I lead you from the bridge, looking back at you from time to time as I think of all the things I've fantasised about you doing to me, hoping you'll remember all the things I like, how to make me melt, how to make me surrender completely.

DreamGiver: I feel your memories as we walk along, making them my own, learning how to fit myself into your mind, and then take it where I want it to go. You're happy to play the seductress now, but I know soon you'll be even happier to be the seduced, to give yourself up to the man you've never seen before, who you're leading into your bedroom.

Cloudhead: We arrive and I sit down on the bed, suddenly a little afraid. You seem unfamiliar somehow, I know I want you, but can't remember your name, where we met.

DreamGiver: I see that you're starting to doubt the fantasy, it's time to take charge. "Shh, baby, this is all so familiar", I whisper as I kneel over you, pushing you back onto the mattress with my insistent mouth, my hands hold you down with hard caresses. "It seems like only a few minutes ago that I was last in your room, that you wanted me like this, remember?".

Cloudhead: I'm getting deliciously confused by your touch, your kisses. "Now you mention it, I do seem to remember something like this before."

DreamGiver: "Good girl," I reward you with soft, smooth circles of my thumb around your clit throught your clothes, making you accept the weight of my body against you, trapping you while you're too distracted to struggle, "and what happened last time was that you just listened to my voice soothing you while you drifted,"

Cloudhead: "... drifted?"

DreamGiver: "Yes, you began to feel so calm and peaceful as you realised everyone else was far away, that there was only you and me, floating and drifting, safe and detached, sleepy and alone with nothing to worry about..."

Cloudhead: The repetition of words, the strange half familiarity you get from dreams, is muddling my thoughts so sweetly that I just sigh and stop trying to work it out. I'm starting to get maddened by the slow caress you're teasing me with, but can't seem to muster enough strength in my limbs to grind against you harder and faster. I struggle weakly, but seem to be overwhelmed by the feeling that I have to just accept what you do to me, that if I try to take charge you'll deny me completely.

DreamGiver: Your sweet and helpless wriggling makes me want to be cruel, tie you down hard and keep you agonisingly on the edge for days, feather-light touches that never push you over the edge, but never let you come down. Getting more weak and sleepy and less able to resist, until you'd do anything I suggested without hesitation, not even expecting to be rewarded for it, just hopeless submission to my control over you.

Cloudhead: I groan, knowing I've lost the battle.

DreamGiver: I feel your surrender and smile, it's not the deep, overwhelming flood you're going to feel soon, just a small crack that my will can flow into. "Stay right there, darling," I whisper, knowing your pliant mind will accept this suggestion while I slide off your clothes, throw mine off too, then stand watching you for a few more heartbeats, enjoying the anticipation.

Cloudhead: My body obeys you inside and out, I can't move even when you get off me, it's as if my arms and legs have weights coiled around them, and my arousal doesn't diminish with your attention gone. If anything it builds, my cunt pulsing with need for you, your hands, your mouth, (please, oh please) your cock.

DreamGiver: Suddenly I grab you firmly, turn you over so your arse is in the air, and slide myself into you. You gasp and writhe, as I hold your arms behind your back, forcing your head down into the pillows. Slowly and rhythmically I move inside you, with the same pace that made you helpless before. "Shh, just relax, you can breathe deeply and easily, just let your body accept me, the way your mind accepts me, let your mind accept me the way your body accepts me..."

Cloudhead: I feel humiliated by my position, but so, so turned on. You've done something to me that makes me want to be fucked like this, as if I've been forced, drugged. I've got some strength in my hips again, and push back into you, desperate now, my moans gagged by the pillow.

DreamGiver: I give up any pretence of teasing you further, my own needs are slamming into you, animal and hard. Still I want to talk you to orgasm, screw you mindless with my words. Your brain should be so soaking with lust that I could say anything in the right voice and it would tip you over.

Cloudhead: I've lost any sense of where I am, who I am, my head is empty of anything but you.

DreamGiver: You start to realise the spaceship is dissolving around you, your home, your bedroom, your security is all melting away. You can see stars, planets, space all around us. It's as if we're floating in a bubble of my will, I'm your only certainty, your gravity. "Time to lose yourself now, honey." I say gently, and come deep inside you.

Cloudhead: My orgasm is like an explosion, like a new star, whirling through the galaxy. The light burns out the last traces of my mind.

DreamGiver: ...

Cloudhead: ...

DreamGiver: I open my eyes and look at you.

Cloudhead: I look at you and smile happily

DreamGiver: (Phew, that was pretty intense!)

Cloudhead: (Yeah, it was amazing! I didn't know what level of reality I was at for most of it!)

DreamGiver: (You ready, then?)

Cloudhead: (What?)

DreamGiver: (Are you ready to wake up?)

Cloudhead: (Don't be freaky, I am awake.)

DreamGiver: I laugh and look in your eyes. "Wake up Jenny, time to come back"

Cloudhead: ? ... ohhhhh

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