Saturday, 21 October 2006

The Vanishing Lady

A Lady Auch story

My great friend Magister graced us with his act this evening, all manner of miraculous illusions. Now, I'm sure you're familiar with the tricks our prestidigitator friends use to fool the gullible, but I can assure you from my vantage in the wings that this Master has some kind of power, even if it only be over the minds of those in his presence.

He mesmerised the audience as effectively as he entranced his group of beauties, which he used as pretty tools for his art, making them freeze, float and vanish. I saw no glass, no wires or trapdoors, it was as if they (and we) believed in his abilities so strongly, the laws of nature bent before him.

After the show, we talked the night away with his assistants in my rooms He continued exerting little pulls upon their wills from time to time, and I even found myself slipping under his sway before I shook myself awake. He smiled in amusement, but is too good a friend to take advantage of my momentary weakness (as far as I know!).

Instead he was kind enough to let me into a few of his secrets, and I was thrilled to be able to place his ladies in a deep slumber with just a word. We asked them carefully what they would allow to happen, after all we're not monsters, then entered into sweet dreamlike debauchery. I surprised myself in how thoroughly I enjoyed manipulating their somnambulant forms to pleasure them from their fantasies, even as much as my own ecstasy was conjured by their mindless prestidigitation.

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