Tuesday, 3 October 2006


A Lady Auch story

I rarely pay attention to my dancers when they are doing their jobs properly, but last night I strove to enjoy them as if I was a customer. Marisa was managing things very well - it's such a delight to be able to trust your staff - so I socialised and watched the stage avidly.

I pride myself that our establishment provides more than some tawdry strip show. I wouldn't even call it burlesque, although some might disagree. My girls and boys have a special talent, each one different, but at heart the same. You have to watch them. They may do something spectacular, or just move skillfully, but they capture your attention and haunt your dreams.

For example, Violette is a snake dancer, now this may conjure ideas of a coy blonde waving around a dopey python suggestively. This is not Violette. She becomes a creature with her horde. She slithers in reptile seduction, no longer human. She is drowned in her pets, hypnotised by them, and suddenly possessed as if they had all crawled inside her she rises like a great serpent queen to be worshipped.

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