Saturday, 23 September 2006

Ladies in chains

A Lady Auch story

I was invited to a most fascinating soiree by my friend Annette, and knowing her Sapphic interests, I was not expecting this to be an evening graced with male attention, but I was ill-prepared for the strange scenario before me.

Amongst the finely attired society ladies, were numerous scantily clad beauties (although some tended towards the plain) whose necks, wrists and ankles were encircled with metal bands. Some even had chains to add to their wanton prisoner guise.

I hasten to add, they did not seem coerced into this unseemly costume, although some did appear slightly nervous at the attention, or cool lack of it, that they were receiving.

Annette laughed gaily at my consternation, "Surely you're not a stranger to such affairs, Chère Auch? Not in your line of work, and with your proclivities?"

I composed myself, and smiled prettily back. "Why no, my dear, of course I know many who desire to be slaves, and those who would own them, I have just never seen such a matter-of-fact way of going about it!"

"Well you'll find we ladies are altogether more sensible about things." Her eyes glittered, "would you like to wear some chains tonight, ma chérie?

If I had not known she was teasing me, I would have been most offended, but I brushed it off easily, patted her arm and said "they do not suit me dearest, but what is the protocol for this evening? I do not want to offend by claiming a girl who is not for attention."

She seemed pleased that I was going to join in with her game, and explained that those with initials on their collars were personal pets, the rest just ladies who had consented to be freely available for the evening. She did warn me to listen for a certain phrase that would tell me if someone wanted to draw the line, and I reassured her I would be gracious.

Now all that remained was to find a female who would appeal to my less-practiced lesbian side.

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