Tuesday, 19 September 2006

The Jackal

A Lady Auch story

I'd been working terribly hard all night, chivvying the girls to sparkle and amuse, with no regard for my own health, when I caught sight of an unmistakable silhouette. I caught my breath, heart pounding like a schoolgirl's. My terror, The Jackal, had returned!

He glided over to me, as if the world made way for him, and graced me with his charming bow.

"My delight, how fortunate you are here!" he murmured in a voice that slid into my ears like warmed honey.

I blushed, composure awry, "and how charming to see you again, Monsieur, it's been such a long time."

He stayed by my side the rest of the evening, I knew I was letting him seduce me, and my heart would be bruised in the morning, but I could never resist him. His stare is compelling as a vampire's, his voice as smooth as oil.

I could not demur when he invited himself to my rooms, although I knew I would be used horribly. Now do not judge me, sweet friend, no man or woman is immune to his power, and I, even I, have a secret desire to surrender to one so overwhelming.

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