Saturday, 30 January 2010

Under His Thumb

The lights were dimmed, a group of friends were watching a film at Chris' house, Polly was feeling sleepy and had curled up on the sofa next to him.  She was using the darkness as a bit of an excuse to snuggle towards him, hoping she could blame her semi-consciousness if he pulled away.  The others were joking about some gory scene, Chris joined in, but Polly felt his hand casually rest on her head and tried to keep breathing normally.  Time started to move strangely, she could hear the conversation, the film dialogue, but it seemed very far away and her whole attention narrowed to the slight weight of his touch as he stroked her hair.  She felt like his pet, an object of affection but no great importance.

The others were getting drunk, arguing jovially about something, and they wouldn't have noticed as his hand moved over her face, tracing the shape of her eyes, nose, and finally her lips.  His fingers gently held her jaw as his thumb brushed her mouth, achingly slow and soft.  Polly parted her lips helplessly, desperate for him to continue, slightly embarrassed by how much she wanted this.  His thumb slid inside, she tried to lick it erotically, suggestively, but he pulled it out, annoyed, and tapped her mouth firmly in chastisement.  

After a few moments, Chris slipped into her again, and she fell into the rhythm he set, letting her tongue follow his lead.  It was a little like a kiss, but of course with all the associations of thumb-sucking, she started to feel safe, peaceful, protected.  The movement slowed, Chris caught Polly's eye and nodded upwards.  She assumed he wanted her to go upstairs and left the room in a daze.

She hesitated on the landing, then found his room and stood in the dark, not knowing what to do with herself.  After what seemed like too long, the door opened, Chris turned on the light and chuckled as he saw her awkwardly lurking there.  Neither of them spoke, and eventually he moved towards her, returning his thumb to her mouth.  As he stared hungrily into her eyes she felt her thoughts dissolving, her submission growing.

Chris pulled her waistband out and slid his other hand into her knickers, echoing the pace and movements from above.  There seemed to be an energy growing and pulling right through her.  She felt as if he was rubbing her away, and the more she disappeared, the more aroused she got.  Just as it seemed too much to bear, he gave one last, firm press on her clitoris and she lost herself completely.

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent piece of writing! Engaging, immersive, intimate, and excitingly, tastefully erotic! Commendable.