Friday, 23 April 2010

Track 5



Do you remember me?

haha, no, should I?

We chatted last week

haha, sorry I was pretty wasted, I guess


cool, so, what you up to?

Oh, Just hanging out, watching some porn

haha, cool



What are you up to?

oh, just chilling, got some music on

What kind?


What music are you listening to?

oh, some grunge

Yeah? You like that kind of thing?

sure, it gets me going, hehe

Maybe I'll send you some stuff

haha cool

So give me your email address


So I can send you some mp3s

oh sure, it's [deleted]

Good. Are you wasted now?

hehe, a little

OK. Did you get the email?


I just sent you some mp3s in an email

oh, cool, ok

Got them?

yeah, wow, looks good

Put them on


Listen to the first track now

which one's the first one?

It's got 01 at the start

oh yeah, haha

Just open them all up, play them in order

sure thing

Is it playing?

yeah, wow, man, this is pretty good!

I know. Just focus on the music, let it seep into you.

fuck, man, this is heavy shit.

Yeah, it really gets inside you doesn't it?


It's so slow, and powerful, it just kind of pulls your mind down with it


Sometimes it seems to fill up all the gaps between your thoughts, wrapping them up, soft and safe


Dissolving them in dark, deep water.


Leaving you blank, open, receptive


It's nice to just drift like this, reading my words without needing to think about them.


You're starting to feel horny, like the music is lapping gently against you, making you feel good


Stick your hand down your pants, your hand fucking you slowly, not under your control any more

ahh god

That's right, you don't need to think, don't need to be in charge, don't need to be responsible for you actions.


Good, just keep fucking yourself, for me, because I'm telling you too


Feels good, doesn't it? Feels good to give up control like this, feeling better and better with every stroke.


Sorry, was that an answer?

yes, yes it feels good

And you want to keep feeling good don't you?


You want to feel even better, don't you?


Yes, what?

yes please

Good. Just relax, you're doing very well, keep following my words, keep fucking yourself for me.


You want to come don't you?


But you can't, can you?


Because you need my permission.


So what are you going to do?

uhhhh, ask?

Don't sound so uncertain. You know what to do.


Please what?

please can i come?

You can do better than that.

i don't know - please - i really need to come!

A bit better. Keep going.

i can't think - the music - please, i'm begging you - please let me come!

What would you do for me if I let you?

ahhhh - anything - anything! please

Good. Come on the cymbal crash in track 5. Then listen to the rest of the album. Then go to bed.

oh thank you thank you you're so hot can i talk to you again please


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