Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Missing You

Come home.  Kiss me hungrily, like you've been thinking about screwing me all week.  Push me up against the wall.  Stare into my eyes.  Explain how completely fucked I am.  Grind your hand against my cunt until my legs give way.  Shove me down on the carpet.  Force me to say things as you stick your fingers inside my wet hole.  When I'm panting and desperate, pull away.  Laugh at my pleading.  Pull out your belt.  Make it snap in the way that makes my skin bump.  Tell me to roll over.  Turn me on my front when I hesitate.  Pull up my skirt.  Pull down my knickers.  Wait.  Just as I think you won't, let the leather strike me hard.  Repeat.  When I'm crying, rub your hand over my arse, kindly but firmly.  Move yourself over me, whispering in my ear to calm me.  Put your fingers in my hair, stroke it, then pull gently.  As I gasp, tell me to stop thinking.  Pull my hair again, and tell me you meant it.  Keep pulling occasionally as you slide into me.  Remind me that the more aroused I get, the more I relax, and the more I relax, the more aroused I get.  Fuck me harder. Tell me to let go.  Tell me to come.  Wipe yourself on my clothes.  Stand up.  Go to unpack.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful ^_^ I really like your Writings.