Monday, 28 February 2011

Doctor Knows Best

I'm worn out from shouting that I shouldn't be in here, of being treated like I don't count, like I don't have a say about what happens to me, and why have they taken away my clothes? The shit they've been pumping into me is starting to kick in. I pull listlessly at the tan leather padded restraints, can't even keep myself awake by rubbing against them.

The door opens in slow motion, I pull my head around to look and the room takes a while to catch up. The doctor walks over, seeming huge by the time he's next to the bed.

"How's my favourite patient today?" he asks softly as he pulls up my lids and shines a light into my eyes.

"I need... to get... out of here..." I manage to slur, my tongue feeling too big for my mouth.

"Mmmm, well, you'll have to be a good girl then, won't you?" he says kindly but sternly. "Now, you know what to do, follow the light."

I resisted the first few days, but it just made me so... tired, and now I know it's easier to just do what he says. I lose track of what he's saying, as keeping up with the glowing point takes up all my attention. My focus narrows down, and a pleasant fuzzy feeling comes over me.

"Good, very good, you're feeling much better already, aren't you dear?"

"Yes, doctor," I sigh, he's right, I feel like I'm floating and it's just so nice to be looked after like this, safely tethered. I can't remember why I'm here, but it's the best place for me really, I'd just be a danger to myself anywhere else.

"You're such a good patient, aren't you, always do what you're told, now just let your legs relax for me, that's right, open up..."

I do as I'm told, feeling increasingly aroused with each suggestion I obey. There's a nagging voice at the back of my head saying that this isn't how things should be, but it just gets washed away in wave after wave of pleasure as the gentle movement of the instrument he's inserted starts to scatter what's left of my thoughts.

He places a cool hand on my forehead, I can hardly keep my eyes open but manage to think how attractive he looks as he smiles down at me. "Yes, you're coming along very nicely," I hear as if from a great distance, "now count down from ten for me."

Everything goes dark before I reach six...

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