Friday, 17 February 2012

Horned and Enthralled

A hand, a bottle, filling up her glass with thick, red wine. Selene didn't even need to turn around, she knew who it was. She'd been vaguely staring into space at the bar, finishing off her drink after her sister left for her train. He'd not even been on her mind for once, now all other thoughts vanished.

"Drinking alone?" Nikos asked blandly, yet somehow embedding the phrase with a grenade of emotions, she felt mocked, seduced, threatened and cared for all at once.

She gulped the wine to steady herself. "Not any more."

They finished the bottle, he told her about his travels, charming, bewitching. Her cares melted away, there was only their easy familiarity, the flickering heat of their desires. All too soon the bar staff were wiping tables pointedly, and they chuckled and walked the short distance to Selene's building.

She paused at the door to her flat. "Is this going to be the same as usual?" Her voice sounded light, but her heart was pounding.

Nikos touched the small of her back gently. "Just let me in."

The key turned, her face hit the carpet, the door slammed behind them. Wildness and tearing, hot breath, the smell of mountains, a glimpse of hooves and matted fur, something brutal and ancient, complete abandon...

Selene was roused from her daze by a blanket being wrapped around her, she smiled up at her beast, all peace and shining now.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked, not sounding too concerned.

"Naturally," she responded in the same calm tone. It was a matter of pride between them to keep emotions muted, but they could still read the subtle language of flared nostrils and dilated pupils. He kissed her forehead like a shot of heroin and carried her into bed.

He stroked her hair, "Rest now, Lenie, I'll still be here in the morning."

She was surprised, but too tired to argue, and anyway he didn't make promises unless he meant them. She slept without dreaming, yet touching another world.

Waking was like time travel, eyes opened, soft lips, eyes closed, eyes opened an hour later, slow kneading of breasts, eyes closed, eyes opened an hour later, tongue in moist slit, eyes only half closed this time, and then opened very wide indeed.

Nikos helped her make breakfast, another oddity, he usually took over completely or allowed himself to be waited on hand and foot.

As they ate, Selene tried to hide her bemused looks, but he spotted them anyway, raising an eyebrow until she blushed. "It's just... unusual... you're being all... normal..."

His gaze darkened. "Why, thank you, it is an effort to hide what a freak I am, glad to know I'm finally succeeding..."

She felt the ground drop away, how could she have been so stupid? He let her stew for a few more moments, then shook his head and smiled down at the table. Selene breathed again, she'd lost a point, but no more than that.

"Shall I wash up, or is that too normal?" He continued poking her sore points, but now it felt like a teasing tickle.

She grimaced and helped him with the dishes. "No, it's nice, but, you know what I mean, how come you're not being the Ice King?"

He didn't snap at her this time, seeming to honestly consider her question. "I'm not sure, I just do what feels right, and I wanted to be myself with you more."

It was the closest he'd ever got to a declaration of affection, and she didn't know how to respond, just tried to stay calm.

Nikos seemed shy, looking over at her through his long, dark lashes. "I hope that's enough for you."

Her heart was in her mouth, not sure if this was part of one of his games. She just nodded, wide eyed in the deafening stillness.

He broke the spell by grabbing her arm and pulling her back into the lounge, "Don't worry Lenie, being myself is being a sex crazed monster, as well."

They laughed and tumbled like kids, the awkwardness forgotten, everything was easy and clear and simple. But then, like a snake in a tree, the shadow rose again. Nikos returned from a trip to the bathroom with a horned headdress left over from the last play Selene had worked on.

"I think this would suit me," he said as he placed it on his head. His feet and chest were bare, and with his bangles and beads, he looked like a Pagan god, like something out of Selene's deepest fantasies. Everything turned into slow motion and her field of vision narrowed to include only him.

With his ability to read her, there was no way he'd miss her frozen arousal. He seemed to pause for a few moments, considering her, then in an haughty and irresistible tone, demanded, "on your knees, thrall."

She obeyed before she even realised what she was doing.

"Worship me."

Her hands knew what he meant, opening his flies, grasping his thick cock, sliding it deep into her mouth. She was always happy to pleasure him like this, but in the mood she'd dropped into, it was blissful. She worked with zeal, every movement of her lips perfectly judged to bring him the most perfect sensations, quietly singing his praises with gentle vibrations in her throat. Soon she was rewarded with his sacrament, and she moved back, gazing up at him in devotion.

He looked a little spaced out, and took off the headdress, sitting down on the sofa. "Wow," was all that came out.

Selene couldn't quite bring herself to rise from her knees, although things were back to their usual pace, a part of her was still yearning for the certainty she'd felt moments before.

Nikos reached out and stroked her face, wiping away some stray liquids with his thumb. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?" He said in a strange tone.

She nodded dumbly, it had triggered her most primal desires, something she craved above anything else. It wasn't about the horns, or the oral, it was just that feeling of being in touch with something so powerful it was futile to even think of resisting. To serve because it was unquestionably the right thing to do. To reach somewhere sacred.

He smiled ruefully, "Well, I did too, a lot..." he stared off into space, "you know, if that's what you need, I can just arrive, use you, and go."

Selene considered his offer seriously. He would be perfect at that, the smooth, cold Master she secretly desired. What if the alternative just ended up with them being vanilla fuckbuddies? It would be too late to go back if she wanted to by that time.

"Come on, be honest with me," he murmured, "don't you long to be my thrall, no responsibilities, no worries, just the simplicity of doing what you're told?"

Of course she would, he knew that, but would it be enough? She was sure he'd be fine with whatever she decided, but what would make him happiest? She tried to read his expression, it was impassive but she could get under the surface if she tried. He seemed curious, aroused at the thought of having a slave at his service, but there was definitely something else, something... sad? Was he... lonely?

Her heart flooded with warmth. She had to take the risk, it was the right thing to do. Selene stood up, picked up the headdress, and smiled beatifically. "Don't you long for that too?" She put the horns on, and stared directly at him without hiding her emotions.

He flinched, eyes widening, not being able to resist responding to the combination of strength and love she was radiating. His gaze softened, something melting inside.

"Let me be your Goddess," she demanded gently.

Nikos chuckled and pulled her down into his lap, legs either side of his hips, friendly and intimate. "You already are," he whispered in her ear, then kissed her sweetly.

He unzipped his trousers and slid his cock deep inside her. They moved together like a ritual, a ceremony of lust. He was still in control with her above him, and Selene couldn't help but be relieved. Whether he was the High Priest or Wild Beast, she could still let herself go with him, it was somehow even more potent without the hierarchy being fixed. It was their desire that was sacred, what was manifested by their connection, rather than one of them being the container of power.

As they fucked, breathing hard, in synch, it was like being possessed, but becoming your most true self as well. When they came it felt like they were surrendering everything, opening up to the void and being filled again with endless abundance. The day to day fears and weaknesses stripped away, leaving only the awe, the majesty, the light.

They couldn't let go of each other afterwards, moving sleepily until they were spooned together, floating in infinite bliss, reborn and ready for whatever was to come.

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