Friday, 4 July 2008

To Return Again

A Lady Auch story

The time for me to return home has come again, it has never been far from my mind of course: during my travels I have corresponded frequently with sweet Marisa to assure that all is well and to make those decisions required from the owner. However, there is a particular thrill to entering my empire once more, all that was overly familiar has become fresh again, the dancers are all more beautiful and dashing, the customers more friendly and generous.

The staff had arranged a small party to celebrate the occasion, they really are priceless darlings! In the after-hours they set up stalls, each with a different joy to taste: a voluptuously hypnotic fortune-teller who would make her future come true; a beautiful boy, standing martyr-like as thrown leather rings trapped him; three naked and bound girls on stools, wriggling deliciously as rubber balls were thrown at them - a fairground of perverse delights.

My beloved excused himself as I laughed with Marisa, and after a while she led me to a mysterious curtained tent set up in the far corner of the room. "This one's just for you" she smiled and went back into the room to check proceedings. Pleasantly intrigued, I parted the fabric and walked inside. My darling boy was still wearing his costume, only now the rings in the cuffs had been used to chain him to a sturdy flogging frame, his arms spread wide above his head, and his feet symmetrically below. A table was laid out with canes, lashes and other thrilling tools of pain.

His eyes were wide with desire "Welcome back, my lady," he whispered, and I smiled hungrily as I selected something light to start with. I was home.

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