Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Sleep Over

More fiction, have fun


"She's off fucking someone else anyway."

"How do you know? You been hanging around with freaks so long you've caught telepathy?"

"I just know her. I'm 95% certain she's in bed with Johnson right now. She'd go for someone fiery, bloody..."

"Oh? Only 95%?"

"Hmm, well, there's a 4% chance she'd crawl back to her dumbass brother, and perhaps a 1% chance she'd just pick up some random woman." He leant over to whisper smoothly in her ear. "Maybe your Sarah."

Caroline snorted with a mixture of anger and distaste. "God, I don't know why I thought it'd be OK to sleep over, you're a relentless bastard, Milton."

"That's why you stayed, sweetpea." He sounded amused, but pinned her down whenever she wriggled away from under him.

She sighed and lay still, "I stayed because I missed the last bus, and because you said you wouldn't mess with me."

"Well if you believed that, you deserve everything you get," his hand moved slowly up her leg, each imperceptible step seemed hardly worth fighting over, until his fingers were so far up that it was too late.  It was a stupidly obvious trick, and yet she'd never worked out how to resist it. Even when she used to tell him to stop immediately, he'd laugh and run rings around her until she was distracted anyway.

A lethargic acceptance crept over her, the familiar pattern of submission had never really left her, he could set it off whenever he wanted.  "OK, fine, what do you want from me?"

He chuckled, "Always suspicious!  Is it so unlikely I just want you for your body?"

Caroline glared.  "Well since you dumped me when I was younger and thinner, I do have to ask myself why you'd go to the effort of seducing me now..."

"Does this count as seduction nowadays? My how words get devalued. We're just two old friends, lounging around, chatting, relaxing, opening up..." His touch spiralled over her, he was right, he wasn't trying hard, almost as if he was testing how little he needed to do to get inside.  Was that it?

"You can't put me under that easily nowadays, Milton," she lied, "I'm in love with someone else."  The room was blurry, she couldn't decide if it was safest to close her eyes or look into his cool gaze.

"That never helped you before," he breathed.  

She groaned - everything he was doing was so corny,  a caricature of an evil charmer, and yet it was pushing all her buttons, all her silly teenage fantasies, before she realised how much more... interesting it could get.  It was almost as if he was trying to...

"I wonder if any of your triggers still work, darling?"  He was always interrupting her thoughts like that.  Fear and sense battled in Caroline's head, it had been years since he'd used those, she knew they would have worn off, and yet, and yet... she'd fantasised about this so much in the intervening years, allowing herself the guilty pleasure of pretending she was still his victim, repeating the one word she could remember him using to make her mind blank.  So long as he didn't use that one - he couldn't know about it, that would be impossible! 

But as she saw him smile cruelly, she knew she was lost.

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