Saturday, 14 November 2009

Compulsion to Destroy

This is another draft snippet of the unpublished series of stories I mentioned before.


We were in a booth with the curtains closed, my head in Johnson's lap. I was exhausted from not sleeping properly for too long and just wanted to drift away. Of course, he kept asking difficult questions, taking advantage of my vulnerable state:

"So how's it going with Milton? How does Josh feel about it? Do you care if you hurt either of them? Do you like Milton more than Josh? More than me?..."

Eventually I couldn't stand it. "Bloody Hell, Johnson, shut up! Why do you care?" He went quiet, trying to hide his feelings, but I got a glimpse of jealousy. I chuckled cruelly "I saw that. Remember you don't own me, you never will."

"I do when I make you need me so much you forget everything else."

"Big claims, big guy," I was talking bratty, but we both felt the power shift. I opened my eyes and realised he'd got Hungry while we'd been sitting there. It wasn't irresistible yet, but my tiredness made the throbbing compulsion to submit a little harder to resist than normal.

He could tell and narrowed his eyes triumphantly. "Just go with it, Kitty, you're so close already."

A slow wave of need flowed through me and I watched it consume me as if I was outside my own body. I groaned at my weakness, I'd been stupid to put myself at the mercy of someone I'd been taunting. He'd make me suffer horribly and it just made me all the more horny for him.

"Be a good girl and sleep now."


Waking from vampire induced sleep is always a bit groggy, like I've been drugged. Sensations came to me, a chill across my breasts, rope round my wrists, a sharp point at my neck. I dragged my heavy eyelids open. I was naked, bound, with a knife at my throat and a man grinning at me like I'm meat. Saturday night as usual, then.

I licked my dry lips. "OK, Johnson, you win, you're the best, your dick is twice the size of either of theirs."

Somehow he stopped himself from slitting my windpipe, but his eyes flashed angrily. "Just tell me, if you're so into Milton, why are you here with me now?"

I paused, thought hard, wanting to give him a straight answer. My mouth opened and I heard myself say "I just have a compulsion to destroy things."

He laughed dryly. "Funny you should say that." Teeth were on my neck, he was biting hard and I felt myself getting faint. I knew his Hunger wasn't actually for blood, but I still couldn't shake off the primal fears he stirred in me. I was in both worlds at once, feeling blood pumping out of me and yet knowing it was all in my head, and it was just my submission he was feeding off.

A feeling like death overtook me. I half wanted him to gut me so my body could match this spilling sensation. "What's going on?" I gasped.

His mouth came up to my ear, and he hissed "I'm draining you"


"Because I can."

His eyes were cold and I hated myself for underestimating him, treating him like a joke, the one I could fool around with and not have to face any consequences. He was reminding me he could destroy me if he chose to.

I summoned up all my strength and made my eyes as soft and helpless as I could. "P-please, Johnson, you're hurting me."

He knew he was being played, but it made him so hard he didn't care. He crushed me to the floor, and as the fuck frenzy took us over, I could breathe again.

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