Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Deal

He looked over the quote, frowning slightly. "Hmm, I was hoping you could do me something a bit better than this."

"It's already cheap rates, what are you after?"

"Oh I don't know, something more... giving..." I breathed in sharply, and he looked at me with an evil glint in his eyes. He pointed to the sheet, and my eyes followed his finger as it spiralled round the figures. "I mean this bit here, surely you can go down a little bit for me..."

I was being played hard, but it was so... tempting...

He reached around and squeezed my shoulder lightly. "I mean, you could even do it for free since it's a project you really believe in..."

I felt spacey and suggestible. He was deliberately trying to make me loose my business head. I should have pulled myself together, told him that was the price, and he just had to accept it, and yet... and yet... it really was a project I believed in...

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