Sunday, 7 March 2010

I've never not known you

This is part of a slightly disjointed series that I'll write about more coherently when I have time, these are just snippets as they come to me.  Previously: Kitty lets Milton humiliate herKitty and Johnson share some blood , and Milton meets up with an old girlfriend.  Now for the shadow that's been hanging around in the background.


I could feel him coming near, I could always tell where he was, the connection between us was too deep to ignore.  I lay in bed, listening to music, just marking time until he let himself in, wondering idly why I could never seem to change the locks.  He was hiding his thoughts for some reason, I sighed, he'd probably invented some new torture for me.

Soon Joshua was at the door to my room, "Hey, Sis,"
"Hey, Bro."
Despite my better judgement I was glad to see him, a part of me always felt something was missing unless we were together.  The way twins are meant to be.  He kicked off his shoes and lay next to me, it seemed pointless to argue, he'd treated every bed I'd ever had as if it was his own.
I looked in his eyes and we remembered the times we'd first explored each other's bodies and minds in the dorm room, the strange, aching mix or wrongness and desperate rightness.  It had never really changed, and we could have been back there as our hands sought each other without us needing to think about it.

"So what game are we playing today?" I asked him lightly.  No matter how much he hurt me, no matter how much I cried over him when we were apart, when we were together we were in a bubble that nothing could burst.
"No games, I just wanted to see you."
I snorted. "Sure."
Something soft came into his gaze, and I was taken aback.  I'd seen that look before, but not for years, not since our little disagreement.  I felt my mind opening up to him instinctively, desperate to trust someone, even if it was only for a moment, but then I caught myself.  It had to be a trick didn't it?
"It's alright, Kit, don't be scared, it's me." I felt his barriers come down, he was leaving himself vulnerable, what the fuck was going on?

For a long, haunted moment we hung there, two sets of eyes glowing green in the dusk, shivering with a desire that had been there all our lives.  Then we were kissing, hungrily and sweetly, sensations blurring between us as we slipped from head to head.  I could feel that this was coming from deep inside him, I wasn't quite sure what it meant, but I couldn't deny him. I'd deal with the consequences later.

Our bodies took over, I felt the familiar sensation of his cock sliding into me without resistance, it was like it was meant to be there, as if we'd been born fucking.  Our sensations mirrored, I stopped caring if they were real or echoes of his, and when we came, just for a moment, I felt whole.

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