Sunday, 22 April 2012

Late Night Tales

We were both so tired that every blink could have taken us to sleep, but we still hung onto the edges of consciousness, laying on the comfortable rug, listening to fuzzy, flowing music and absently stroking each other from time to time.

In the low light, his eyes were almost black, I let my gaze fall into them, barely noticing time pass. Every now and then we spoke in voices that were quietly thick with longing.  There's something about the way people talk late at night, it's like a dream, like the words are coming up unfiltered from the unconscious, and I found myself just letting my thoughts flow wherever he led them.

I chuckled gently, "You'd better watch what you say, I'm pretty much in a trance right now..."

"Mmm," he pressed a little closer into me, "I'd be a fool not to take advantage then, wouldn't I?"

I enjoyed the fluttering feeling his seductive threat had created in my belly, I'd probably hoped for him to respond with something like that, but I still felt scared.

He murmured something so softly, I didn't hear it, my barriers couldn't even register it enough to fight, I just felt myself start to slip away.

I could hear my breathing change, from lightly aroused and fast, to the deep, slow breath of sleep, and yet, I felt more awake if anything, completely focused on him. "Do you really want to do this now?" I asked, with some effort.

His fingers played with my hair, twisting my thoughts away, "Shh, don't worry, everything's fine."

Even in a normal state, those words, in that tone of voice, would have soothed me instantly. Half asleep already, it was like pure peace flooding warmly through my veins.  He was doing something to send me down but I couldn't work out what it was, I just gave up and enjoyed the feeling, like cotton wool wrapping me up, like warm liquid bathing my mind, like tongues lapping every erogenous zone.

"Look at me," he whispered, "it's OK, you don't have to wake up, just open your eyes."

They had drifted shut at some point, and I dragged them open, still unfocused. I suppose it was so he could enjoy seeing my helpless entrancement.

"Good girl," the words had their usual effect on my arousal anyway, but he increased it with a peaceful stroking of my clit, "now, as you sink deeper into sleep, you know you get more turned on, but of course, as you get more turned on, you sink deeper into sleep.."

The spiral was familiar and comforting, and I accepted it easily. Part of me was trying to send up a red flag, but I couldn't really understand why, something about it being strange for him to be pushing me so far when I was already utterly compliant.

"Good, yes, all the way down... This feels so amazing, doesn't it? Just drifting, letting me guide you, doing whatever I suggest without thinking about it..." his voice was like velvet, but it just made my niggling warnings all the more insistent.

"mmm..." I heard myself not caring about the warnings.

"That's right, just sinking, so easy... now let me suggest something...." here it came, "you remember how we decided that because you enjoy this so much, you wanted me to be able to bring you back here easily?"

"mmm..." (easily and whenever he wanted)

"Well, perhaps you'd like me to be able to give you other things that you enjoy... imagine how good it would be if you could come for me anytime... anywhere..."

I started breathing heavily, partly from arousal, partly from emotional conflict. This was something we'd discussed before, and while it was super hot to imagine have an orgasm trigger, I wasn't sure I was ready to accept it for real.

He could see I was struggling and waking a little, so he stroked my brow reassuringly, not letting up on my clit with his other hand though. "Shh, safe and calm, it's just a suggestion..."

I relaxed instinctively, I knew my subconscious would only accept his suggestions if I was ready for them, but then he had taken advantage of my being extra tired, and going extra deep... still, the warning voices seemed to be weaker, getting washed away as my horniness built.

He was quiet for a bit, letting me be lulled by his touch "... although it is such a sexy idea isn't it..."

I moaned and writhed, he was making this sound so reasonable.  I couldn't really remember what was wrong with the idea anyway, all the other triggers he'd given me were fairly flexible, he'd never intentionally use them inappropriately, but if he accidentally did, I could resist them if I needed to.

"Baby, stop trying to think about this, you'll only make yourself more tired..." he was so clever with his voice, going right to the parts of my mind that just wanted to trust someone who sounded like they knew better than me. "It's really much easier if you just see things my way."

Something in me gave up fighting. I breathed out, sighing away my will, "yes, I see now, I see..." it felt really good.

He grunted happily and I was rewarded with a change in the movements of his fingers, going from a potentially endless circling, to something that was going to pull me inevitably to orgasm.  "Good girl, focus on the pleasure, that's all you have to do, just focus on how good this feels, I'll do everything else..."

I remember coming hard, the words he said fucking me so perfectly I kept going for what seemed like eternity, but then it was just real sleep that rose up to fill the space left.

I woke in bed, he'd got me there somehow, and I felt the warm satisfaction I usually did after we'd shared a night of closeness and control.

He opened his eyes when he heard me stirring, and smiled serenely.  "Morning, love. Want some breakfast?"

I nodded, still too dozy to speak.

He climbed out of bed, leaned back to kiss me, "Oh, and by they way...." he looked deep in my eyes and his mouth said something that I didn't hear. I was too busy being filled to the brim with the most incredible feeling, the bed dissolved into air and I was landing in pure bliss. It was as if that moment when you tip over into orgasm was extended, slowed down, stretched out, and I came with complete abandon.

He chuckled as he left the room.  Apparently my subconscious was just fine with his suggestion.

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