Sunday, 27 May 2012


"You're just too easy." Margaret sneered. Her young red haired companion was panting at something that she'd just whispered in her ear.

Kristin blushed, she couldn't help the effect these things had, even though she was pretty sure her friend wasn't really into her.  Perhaps it made it more effective, as she could just calmly identify which buttons to push to get the desired response.

Not to say that the older woman didn't get a kind of pleasure out of seeing the power she had, it just always seemed to be tinged with annoyance, or disappointment, and Kristin was never sure why.

The beer garden was full, but they could have been on their own, there was a pulsing current going between them that made everything else seem irrelevant. Margaret twisted her dark, curly hair round her finger, and seemed to be considering her next move.

"I want you to listen to me very carefully, just block everything else out," she used that special tone of voice, the one that made Kristin turn to liquid.

The redhead immediately stilled, her eyes defocused, her mouth hung open cutely.  Margaret wasn't really hypnotising her, but there were enough cues to send her into a trancey state, mainly because her own body wanted to go there so much.

"Now, we both know that you're a good girl, nice and compliant..."

Kristin shivered, and nodded, wide eyed.

"So that means that you want to please me, right?"

"Yes, Mags, of course."

"Very good." Her eyes glittered, her voice changed. "So why don't you?"

The young woman's face went white.  "W-what do you mean?"

"Why. Don't you. Please me?" Margaret was cold and dispassionate, she sounded as if she was explaining something to a child that she didn't much like.

Kristin just didn't know how to respond, her lip trembled and there were tears welling in her eyes.

The other woman frowned, "it's a simple question. Do you even know what would please me?"

A frantic shake of the head, blushes, contrition. "I'm so sorry, I didn't think I could... I never thought..."

A dark chuckle. "No, you didn't think did you, you never do."  She seemed to be enjoying the other girl's pain. "I can tell you what I don't enjoy, I don't enjoy someone who turns into a drooling zombie at just a few words,"

Kristin gasped, she didn't think she was particularly a pushover, "So... you want me to fight you more?"

"Sheesh, you just don't get it do you, how would that help? There's nothing more boring than someone who chats back, who think they know best. That's just being bratty."

The tears had come in earnest.  The redhead didn't even try to wipe them away, just let them roll down her cheeks in thick, hot rivulets.  How had things gone from some fun head games to this? She felt as if the glimpses of satisfaction she'd been able to glean from their friendship had been taken away from her. She had nothing left.

Margaret leaned over and caught a tear, then tasted it.  She looked alive for once.

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