Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Ally opened her eyes, woken by a pounding headache. She started to struggle in her restraints, and the guard leant to look at her through the window into the back of the van.

"Almost there, honey, just stay nice and quiet for me."

"Fuck off, prick!" spat the teen, she was no stranger to being held for her misdemeanours, but she'd never learnt to take it graciously.

The guard just smiled, as they turned into the driveway. Ally frowned, she wasn't really sure where she was being taken, the details of her arrest were fuzzy, they didn't seem to have been like the usual procedure, and she was a bit worried she was being dealt with more harshly than usual.

Still, she was defiant by the time they pulled her out of the van, struggling more for show than with any hope of escape, and trying to see the building as she did so. It was an old, forbidding edifice, something like a school or prison, but with a distinctly gothic edge. She shivered.

"New one for you!" called the guard cheerily and a uniformed custodian appeared. She was tall and pretty in a stern way, but Ally still couldn't place the institution.

"Where the fuck am I? I want a lawyer," she raged.

"Shut up, girl, you don't get that kind of thing any more," said the woman evenly, without allowing any possibility of argument. "You've been a bad girl one too many times, you're ours now."

"What? What do you mean?"

The woman didn't bother to answer her, just signalled to some more uniformed women, who looked strong and formidable compared to Ally's slight frame, but still attractive, as if their bodies were sculpted for maximum efficiency. They took an arm each and pulled her through a door, as the custodian followed.

The adrenaline was starting to wear off, and Ally felt tired suddenly, or was it something about the air in the room? The door was locked and they took off her restraints, their batons and fierce looks making it seem hopeless to try to break away.

"OK, strip," commanded the custodian.

"Get fucked!" Ally shouted, although with slightly less force than earlier.

The woman just smiled enigmatically and signalled the female guards to take her clothes by force. The teen sighed and waved them away, taking off her outer clothes, and with a bit more hesitation, her underwear.

"Good girl. Over here, now." There was a shower stall in the corner, open at the front, and the custodian started the water running. Ally started to reach for the shower gel, but the tall woman pushed her hands back down to her side. "Let me do it, you won't do it properly."

Slightly ashamed, Ally let herself be washed, her thoughts were sluggish, why was she letting this happen with such little resistance? The warm water was relaxing and her concerns seemed to be washed away down the drain with it. The soap smelled good, and the touch of the other woman was soothing and authoritative at the same time.

Slightly dazed, she realised she was having her pubic hair shaved, but couldn't seem to complain, in fact, it was oddly arousing to have the soft, smooth hands manipulate her cunt lips as they ensured she was clean and bare.

"W-why?" was all she could manage.

"Shh, just let me take care of things, you're starting a new life now," murmured the custodian, "time to let go of your old life, we're going to make you all fresh and new."

Ally felt peaceful and happy at the prospect, although she could hear a voice shouting that something was wrong deep in her head, it seemed muffled, it wasn't important to listen to it. It was much better to just let things happen.

She was towelled off and stood in front of a mirror. Ally gazed at her reflection, barely recognising it, mostly just because of the sleepy, open expression on her face. She looked younger, more fragile.

"This girl is resident 4927," the woman told her, "repeat."

"I am..."

The custodian slapped her bottom hard. "This girl..."

"This girl is resident 4927," the words slipped out without her volition.

"This girl will do as she's told."

"This girl will do as she's told."

"This girl wants to obey her superiors."

"This girl wants to obey her superiors."

"This girl longs to be a good girl."

"This girl longs to be a good girl."

The custodian smiled. "Well done, see how easy it is?"

Resident 4927 smiled and nodded, feeling a soft pulsing start in her clitoris.

A calm male voice spoke over the intercom. "Let her in to see me."

"Yes, sir," breathed the woman, fluttering her eyelids a little, before guiding the teen through the next door.

Resident 4927 wasn't embarrassed about being naked in front of the man behind the desk, although it did make her arousal build a little.

"Mmm, very nice. Can you speak, or are you too spaced out?"

"I... This girl can speak sir."

He smiled, pleased at her rapid progress, she must have had some serious submissive fantasies hidden behind her delinquency. The reform facility was his own personal brainchild, the government were a little uncertain of his methods at first, but he'd paid them off, and the results spoke for themselves. Many of the cabinet had discreet affairs with his good, compliant girls once they left, and they also made excellent sleeper agents.

The owner moved around to stand in front of her, ran his finger up and down her wet slit, and held her up as her legs buckled a little.

"Will you do as you're told?"

She nodded, eyes rolling back for a moment as he pushed his finger inside once.

"Will you obey your superiors?" The response was repeated.

"Will you be my good, little girl?"

"Oh, yes, sir, yes sir!"

He bent her over the table and fucked her slow and deep, savouring every moment. There was something precious about this first surrender that he enjoyed very much. In the morning the drugs would have worn off and it would be back to classic conditioning, but deep inside she'd always remember how simple and enjoyable it was to become a resident here.

"Almost there, honey, just stay nice and quiet for me."

Resident 4927 moaned in pleasure.

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