Sunday, 12 June 2011

Helping Hand

Isabel stared at Liam through the window for a while before she walked into the cafe. She was nervous about seeing him again, but as he looked up, seeming to sense her gaze and smiled in that charming way of his, her fears melted away and she rushed in to meet him.

He stood up and hugged her warmly, she leant into him and breathed deeply, his smell was so familiar and she felt dizzy as she realised how much she'd missed it.

"Hey, babygirl, how's it going?"

She sat down heavily. "Ohhh, not so good, Lee, can't get any clients at the moment, and things fell apart with me and Tom a few months ago, but, ahhh, you don't want to hear all my woes..."

He held her hand. "Shh, of course I do, that's why I got back in touch, I could tell you needed me."

Her eyes filled up with tears, and she felt the vertigo of wanting to fall into his care again. She tried to resist, but knew she wouldn't be able to for long. They'd been an item for a few years, but she'd eventually rankled at his controlling ways, wanted to stand on her own two feet. He'd let her go gracefully, and had stayed in contact without being pushy.

She'd been almost disappointed that he wouldn't act like the bad guy, and she'd needed to force herself to remember the things she'd hated about him to stay strong. Unfortunately, those things turned out to be what she missed most of all. She was perfectly capable of running her own life in theory, but things just seemed to slide without someone to nudge her in the right direction.

Liam wiped away her tears, and she let him do it, enjoying the waves of passivity that washed over her, and the slight buzz of arousal that accompanied them.

"Ah, Lee, I'm sorry, I'm such a mess. I just don't know what to do..."

He regarded her seriously for a while. "You know you can always let me help you, don't you?"

"Yeah, I know, but... I just don't know if I can handle the cost..."

He laughed dryly. "The cost? Silly girl, the cost is the fun part."

They stared at each other for a while, she felt the temptation, the endless pull he had for her. Would it really be so bad to give in to it for once? "What would I have to do?" She asked cautiously.

He leant back, breathed out slowly looking pleased. "Anything I said, without question."

"Liam ..."

"No. You'll do it, it's the only way for you, you see that now."

Her thoughts seemed trapped, it was something about his tone of voice, he could just say things and make them the truth. She'd never been able to fight it and no longer wanted to. "OK, but there's things I can't do..."

"Hey, I know, you trust me don't you? I don't want to make you unhappy, I'm not going to make you walk naked through town or fuck all my friends."

She blushed painfully, he knew the things she was afraid of, her limits, and could use them to control her without needing to do actually them. "OK, so long as that's understood."

"You're saying you agree?"

"I'll do whatever you say."

"Oh, Bella, that's my very good girl!"

The words made her helplessly wet, a conditioned response that had never left her, because she'd never wanted it to. She felt small, but safe, and looked at him with big eyes wondering what was next.

The waitress came over and asked if they were ready to order, Isabel looked vaguely at her menu, but Liam shook his head at her. She understood and felt a rushing in her ears as she put it down. He ordered for her, something he knew she liked, but would have had trouble deciding on.

He smiled at her ragged breathing. Giving up control was hard for her, but all the more exciting because of that. "OK, girl, this is how it's going to be for a while, you don't make any decisions at all, understood?"

She gasped, "but..."

"Shh, no buts, you've lost the ability to make decisions properly, and you need to be taught how to do it again. Until you're ready, I'll think for you."

This was much, much more extreme than she'd been imagining, she wanted to protest, but something inside her was crying out with joy at being released from responsibility. She nodded, and felt a shiver at the glint in his eye. Her nervousness made her need to go to the toilet, but as she started to push her chair back, his hand slapped the table.

"Where do you think you're going?" He hissed.

She was mortified, she'd made a mistake so quickly, had just assumed he hadn't meant that level of control. "S-sorry, sir! I didn't think!"

"No, you didn't, and not in a good way." His voice was harsh, but then became softer, "but it's OK, you're a bit confused right now, it's my job to train you, and my fault if you don't do things right."

It felt as if her heart was coming back to life, how had she ever given this up? She felt the peace of not having to feel guilty, of just doing her best and that being good enough. "May I go to the toilet, then, sir?"

He waited a few moments, considering. "I think you need to wait for a while, girl, learn your lesson."

The swirling of shame and desire was just on the edge of unbearable, she stared at the table, unable to meet his eye. After what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes he told her she could go, "but I want to you to eat some of your own wetness before you piss for me, and think about how much you need this."

Isabel nodded shyly and rushed away. She wanted to bring herself off, but he'd know somehow, as he always knew, and indeed as she sat back down he searched her face and was satisfied that she's done as he'd said and only as he'd said.

"In future, don't ask for permission," he told her in a casual tone, as if they were discussing the weather, "just keep me informed about anything like that, and I'll tell you what to do."

She nodded again, it was becoming natural to just agree with him. Already, something seemed to be happening inside her head. Things were quieter, the stress was melting away, and she was just completely focused on Liam, on his plans for her.

When the waitress brought their food, she just sat patiently as he started eating a few bites, running his eyes over her gently, slightly flared nostrils the only sign he was enjoying making her wait. "Start eating," he said eventually, "chew each mouthful 30 times before swallowing. Savour each mouthful."

She did so, marvelling at how much she was enjoying the food, she usually didn't notice eating, just snatching meals on the go as she hurried around. This was like a kind of meditation, with less thoughts to trouble her she could experience her senses in a way she'd almost forgotten.

About three quarters of the way through her meal, he told her to stop, and she obediently put down her utensils. "Good girl," he told her warmly, and she blushed again at the waitress ovehearing as she cleared the plates. "How are you doing, Bella? Be completely honest with me, as you should always be from now on."

She thought carefully. "I'm feeling good, Lee, it's a bit strange, but feels natural to just let you take charge."

He smiled proudly at her, and she felt a tingle run through her. "Very good girl," the tingle got stronger. "I wonder if you remember something fun we used to do?" The tingle became a pulsing. "What happens when I count down from ten, Bella?" The pulsing became an overwhelming throbbing in her clit that melted away everything else but this conversation.

"I come for you, Lee," she said in a small voice.

"Mmmm, yes, very, very good girl. Ten... Nine... Eight...." Every number made her arousal spike up a level, and she was lightly panting as he paused and ordered dessert. "Seven..." He ran a finger around her lips and she parted them automatically. "Six..." he breathed almost inaudibly as she sucked his finger and felt as if it was fucking her.

Dessert arrived, but they didn't break eye contact. The staff must be giggling at their antics but Isabel was beyond caring. She was utterly under Liam's spell, mind fuzzy with arousal as he fed her and himself alternately from the one bowl of ice cream he'd ordered, counting down every few spoonfuls. He gave her the last mouthful, then as he pulled away the spoon, murmured "One... come for me, Bell,"

She allowed the glorious waves of release to flow through her, always feeling as if she orgasmed with her whole body when she came like this.

His eyes were burning. "That's my good little girl, so obedient, so helpless," the charged phrases kept her aftershocks going. She wouldn't let anyone else talk to her like this, but for some reason he'd always been a special case, always able to slide under her defences like they didn't exist.

She was in a daze as he threw down some money on the table, and told her every movement to make, "pick up your coat, put it on, follow me out..."

They sat in his car for a while, recovering a little. He stroked her face tenderly. "You'll have to stay at mine for a while, of course,"

A part of her struggled, trying to remember what it was like to be independent, to not need him, but it was all fading fast. "Of course," was all she could manage.

"That's my very good little girl, Bell, why not have a nice little sleep for me while I drive us home."

She leant back in the seat and felt the drowsiness overtake her. She couldn't remember ever feeling more complete. All was right with the world at last.

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