Sunday, 29 May 2011

Here Kitty

She felt feral, raw, they were making out in an alley, behind the dustbins, and she felt like a wild and abandoned creature, finding a like minded soul to sing at the moon with. He was so fucking beautiful, angular and otherworldly, their sharp claws and pointed teeth had called out to each other invisibly, under the veneer of civilisation, and now the gloves were off.

He bit her neck gently, hand scratching lightly up and down her bare arms. He was toying with her like a cat with a mouse. It made her shiver and bare her teeth.

She started to claw at him too, but he pulled away suddenly and tapped her on the nose. "Bad kitty!"

She was confused, but felt a new kind of arousal flare up. It wasn't anything she could really get upset by, just a silly little joke, but she felt put down, told off, and she liked it more than she thought she would.

"There, that's better isn't it?" He stroked her under her chin and with every touch she seemed to feel more of her usual thoughts fade away, to be replaced by something instinctual, yet dainty and feminine. Her claws receded, she purred inside, subdued and happy.

He blinked slowly at her, and she felt herself copy him, feeling relaxed and safe as if it was time to curl up in front of the fire.

"Good kitty, such a pretty little kitty-cat, who wants a treat then?"

She nodded at him without really knowing what he was offering. She was his pet now, and trusted his plans for her.

He unzipped his flies and pushed on her shoulders. "Down, kitty, be nice and maybe you'll get some cream."

As she sucked his cock, the taste and feel made her head buzz like catnip, she felt a low vibration start in her throat and buzz through him. She hoped it would make him happy with her.

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