Saturday, 7 May 2011


When they met she was beyond hope, trash, he found her in some seedy bar, drunk, talking to some guy who'd been topping up her glass, slurred and debasing herself. God knows what he saw in her, she just remembered him taking her arm, saying "Come on girl, time to get you home," and the other man's surprised expression.

She opened her mouth to give him some shit, but saw something in his eyes that made her hesitate, made her play along. "Hey, Daddy, what you doing down here?"

His eyes flashed with some cross between lust and amusement. "I came to find you, dear, when I saw you'd forgotten to take your medication, well..."

"Oh, silly Daddy, you know I'm a slut whether I take my medication or not." she smiled the brightest smile she had for a long time, and enjoyed the horrified look on the face of the loser she'd been talking to, as the new man dragged her away.

He pushed her up against his car, slid his hand up her skirt, slowly, so achingly slowly she felt herself shake with desire before he reached her wet knickers. His hand slipped inside them with no resistance; as he caressed the folds of her pussy for the first time, she just gazed hungrily at him as if he'd been doing this for years.

"It's a good job I came by, girl."

She tilted her head to the side, smiled "and why's that?"

"Because you need taking in hand."

"Mmm, promises, promises." she tried to sound confident, but his expert fingers were making her breath ragged, and her vision start to blur.

"I can see you've got something special in you," his hand pressed inside her as he said this, "but you've let yourself go, you've got lazy, slutty, cheap," these were punctuated with little pinches on her clitoris that made her gasp.

She wanted to disagree, to tell him she was just trying things out, seeing the world, but the look on his face told her he'd accept no argument. "Yes, sir," she blurted out without knowing why.

"You need someone like me to give you direction, to show you how a proper girl should behave."

She couldn't do anything but nod desperately at this point, his words were just a fuzzy background to her arousal, she'd agree to anything he wanted, so long as he kept touching her like that.

"You want to come back with me, let me train you."

"Yes, sir."

"Do whatever I say."

"Yes sir!"

"Obey me."

"Oh! oh! Yes sir! Yessss..." her pussy spasmed helplessly around his hand, which was so strong, and certain, and knowing, she just felt weak and fragile in comparison. She kept coming for an age, legs giving out, his grip on her sex the only thing holding her up, the only thing between her and the abyss.

"Good girl," he whispered and let her into his car.


The next morning she woke up in a clean, white bed, it felt like she belonged there even though she'd never seen the room before. There were books, CDs, DVDs and a player hooked up to a monitor, not hers, but with a kind of familiarity, as if they could have been hers in a different life.

She was dressed in a simple, pale silk gown, and had vague memories of him feeding her glasses of water as he stripped her and washed her, murmuring reassurances, making her feel safe and protected.

Her clothes and phone were nowhere to be seen, she tried the door and found it locked, a slight burst of panic gave way to acceptance surprisingly quickly. Someone didn't provide all this comfort for someone they planned to harm did they? She was grateful there was an en-suite at least.

She occupied myself for a while, playing some music and reading, oddly calm. Perhaps she should have felt like she'd been abducted, been trying to escape, but instead she felt like she was on holiday, she had agreed to this after all, albeit in a slightly coerced way.

Finally, the door was unlocked, without really knowing why, she quickly put aside her book and sat up primly. He smiled at her eager face, not showing whether he'd been wondering if she might be angry.

"Morning, girl, ready for a fresh start?"

"Yes, sir!"

His hand shot out and grabbed her hair, pulled her face towards his. "Don't fucking lie, bitch!" he spat at her.

Tears sprang to her eyes, she'd been ready for some nice cozy scene and he'd slapped her expectations to the ground. She didn't know what to say and just stood there awkwardly.

Then he stroked her face tenderly, the sensation felt all the more real in her raw emotional state, she hung onto the comfort it gave as he carried on caressing her, hands firmly rubbing the back of her neck, her shoulders, soothing her tense muscles.

She felt like she was hanging in a balance, breathing softly so as not to break the spell as his fingers lightly slipped over her breasts through the silk, the touch felt so smooth and soft that her chest pushed itself into his hands to feel more of this pleasure.

He chuckled and just drifted his attentions across her taut stomach, her behind, the skin yearning for sensation, tingling with desire as he moved onwards. Her pussy was aching, hot and wet, needing him to touch it so badly but there was nothing she could do. She looked at him with parted lips and wide eyes, begging him silently.

"There you go, now you're ready." He pushed her back onto the bed, spread her legs and knelt before her almost reverentially. He slowly moved the skirt up her thighs, revealing more and more of her pale skin. Time seemed to move differently, slowed down, but with every second filled with intensity.

He bent his head to kiss her mound, gently licking her clit, pressing his fingers inside her so easily. All the sensations blurred into one eternal, liquid wave, just building for ever, each ripple of pleasure setting off more and more in turn. Her thoughts were long gone, dissolved without her noticing.

She half realised that his thumb had taken the place of his tongue, and that he was kissing her, her own juices making his lips sweet, their faces crushed together hungrily.

"What do you need?"

"Fuck me!"

He took his hand away from her pussy abruptly and slapped her thigh. "No, try again, what do you need?"

Confusion filled her, she didn't know how to respond, didn't know what he wanted, she wasn't used to this kind of thing, couldn't predict him. "Er... Use me?"

Another slap, harder this time.

She searched his face, trying to see what he was looking for, but he wasn't giving anything away. "Train me?" she tried.

His hand returned to giving her a little pleasure, light touches, just making her ache for something more. "A bit better," he conceded, "but still not quite there."

She reached deep inside herself. What did she really want, what did she really need? He wouldn't be satisfied with the usual trite things that subs said to doms, this was something new, something real. She felt words come unbidden to her lips. "Save me."

He looked surprised, she wasn't sure what he was imagining, but that hadn't been it. However, he accepted her answer, recognising it's truth. He gently slid his cock inside her, every millimetre multiplying her arousal, making her feel helpless and safe at the same time. They fell into rhythm together, locking eyes, seeing something new, scary, but utterly desirable in the depths.

As they lost themselves in each other she felt washed clean, she felt reborn.

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