Sunday, 8 May 2011

Back View

My arse was plugged up tight, a softly buzzing vibrator pushed deep inside, echoing the matching one in my cunt. I would have felt humiliated, exposed in my hogtied position, kneeling, head down, with my arms bound across my chest, but the drugs coursing through my system made me feel too sleepy and compliant to care.

All I could do was fall into the pulsing, letting the waves of arousal build up, wiping out my mind until his hand on my behind didn't faze me at all, it just seemed to be part of this dreamy experience.

He stroked my smooth skin, caressing the soft curves of my backside firmly, making me feel vulnerable and protected at the same time. When I'd just had time to get used to it, to like the warmth of his touch, he took his hand away.

A sharp slap stung me in its place, making me feel ashamed without knowing why. In my fuzzy state, I couldn't separate out the feelings, and as he kept up a rhythmic spanking it just heightened my pleasure.

Softly, so softly, I started to lose control, moaning helplessly into the bed. As my shaking legs signalled my impending orgasm, he stopped spanking and let a hot spray of his spunk rain onto my body, pushing me over the edge.

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