Tuesday, 24 May 2011

For Me

This one's for me, a selfish act, not something designed to please you, or to fulfil his fantasies, but just mine alone.

A perfectly judged sharp slap, time stops, my head empties, there's nothing but this moment, and the pure alert focus of attention. 

I don't need to make up a story if I don't want to, I don't need to entertain or impress, I'm serving myself today.

The sound of a voice caught between awe and laughter, sweet and vulnerable as it leads me into the darkness.

And yet, this isn't about me, I'm barely here, this is me looking out, me hearing, me feeling, it's about the things that take me away from myself, into something better.

The feeling of lips on mine, a soft connection with so much force hidden behind it, a tongue swirling around my mouth, merging, endless.

The sublime other.

Music that sounds like the universe breathing, music you hear with your body, falling deeply and safely, cushioned, protected, surrounded by something eternal and powerful.

There's no need to create a visual, this is a hidden world, an invisible world of sounds, sensations, ideas and emotions.

A smell like a drug, affecting without me being able to pin it down, nothing unnatural, almost imperceptible, I only know it's there because I relax, feel aroused, I'm out in the wilds yet finally home.

It's even beyond words, the language I usually crave falls short of things this overwhelming.

Being held in the perfect position, all aches and pains melt away, nothing matters, nothing can touch me here.

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