Friday, 8 April 2011

The Beast

Again she woke up sweating and sticky between her legs from a dream that was fading away. The images she could catch didn't seem to fit with the intense arousal she was left with, it should have been horrific, a nightmare, something about a huge scaly beast, a long tongue invading her, dark wings suffocating her...

She showered and left the house, trying to put it out of her mind, although the specifics could be pushed down, the fuzzy horniness wasn't so easy to dismiss. It was still colouring her thoughts while she was serving coffee at work, everyone was a little better looking, a little more appealing.

It might have been this that made her eyes linger on one customer, or just that he seemed a little different anyway, somehow studious, calm, authoritative. They shared a little smile, but she quickly put him out of her mind to get on with her work, and would have forgotten all about him, if he hadn't called to her as she was clearing cups.

"Miss? Excuse me?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"This might sound a bit strange, but have you been having bad dreams?"

Her blood froze, "W-why do you ask that?"

He looked concerned, and placed a hand on her arm. "Please, don't be frightened, Miss, I can sometimes.... see things... I felt some kind of force around you, I've seen things like that before."

She sat down heavily. "What do you mean?"

He looked at her steadily. "I think you might be suffering from some kind of demon attack."

She snorted, but his words chimed somewhere inside her. "Come on now..."

The man got up to leave, "Well, believe what you like, but here's my card, if you ever need any help."

It was classy but plain, made no mention of his profession. She turned it over then put it in her pocket. "Well, thank you... and have a nice day!"

That night the dreams were worse, the beast had an impossible, enormous cock, rubbing between her breasts, into her throat, sliding between her legs, thrusting deeper than anything else could reach...

She was too horny to think straight when she opened her eyes, still almost half asleep, without knowing she was doing it, her hand was pressing the buttons to call the strange man from the cafe.

"Help me...."

He seemed to know who it was without being told. "Come to the church on the corner, opposite where you work."

She felt a little bit strange about what she was doing as she rushed there, but it was a public place, and a sanctuary, it must be safe enough. When she arrived, the stillness of the place struck her with a quiet force, she felt calmer, and tried to catch her breath as she sat in a pew at the front. She'd seen there wasn't anyone else in there yet, and as she waited, she started to drift a little, as if she'd never quite left her dream state.

Snatches of ideas, feelings and imagery seemed to snake in and out of her head, on her knees before a beautiful, powerful being, feeling aroused, helpless, weak before his otherworldly strength...

She whimpered a little and squirmed in her seat. It seemed wrong to be turned on in church, not that she was religious, but in her current state the whiff of blasphemy only made it seem hotter. Unconsciously, her legs spread a little wider, as if something invisible had slipped between them, she could almost imagine a soft, warm tongue lapping her cunt. It didn't feel quite human, but it was just a fantasy wasn't it, and it felt so amazing...

"Very good, my child, you're doing very well..."

She started at the voice behind her, but was too far gone to be able to bring herself back to reality.

"Shhh, it's OK, I'm here to help you, just as you asked." He placed his hands on her shoulders and began to knead her tense muscles. "Just relax, give in, let your lust control you..."

The sensations were so real, but her half lidded eyes confirmed there was still nothing there. She stopped trying to understand how the tongue could be circling her clit, pressing her G-spot and invading her anus at the same time. She stopped trying to resist the pleasure. She stopped trying to think.

The hands slipped under her arms, and massaged her breasts. "That's right, the trick is to just not worry about it, it's too late now, you're already lost, it's hopeless, just revel in it, enjoy your depravity..." He kept up a stream of reassuring degradation in her ears as he pinched her nipples lazily.

"Please..." she moaned, not sure what she was asking for, or who she was asking.

He bit her ear gently, then whispered something in a language she didn't recognise into her ear. Suddenly the pleasure doubled, tripled, she started making gutteral sounds, that could have been in the same language for all she knew. She felt as if her soul was being fucked, something dark but sweet filling it, making her feel strangely complete, somehow purified. This didn't feel like being consumed by evil, this felt like... redemption?

"Do you accept my offer, child?" He asked softly, kindly.

"Yesssss!" The orgasm felt like drowning, felt like being reborn.

When she came round, he was standing in front of her. She knelt on the mat and he put his hand on her head. "Are you ready to serve, child?"

She nodded dumbly and opened her mouth.


A Journal said...

I Loved this... as your story was coming to an end i was actually looking for more...there is more isnt there coming? giggling. Personally im not to big on fictious blogs i always enjoy the true stories but this here i just loved it.

Fluence said...

Glad you liked it, that's it for this story I'm afraid. I do seem to end things before most people would prefer, I guess I'm working on a different kind of rhythm.