Friday, 1 April 2011

Time for a change

"I think it's time for a change," he said softly.

She didn't like the tone in his voice. "S-sir? What do you mean? Have I displeased you?"

He stroked her hair, "of course not, my pet, you're such a good girl, you always do what I require of you."

She relaxed a little, but was still wary, "what kind of change did you mean then?"

"I think you might benefit from a little... break."

"A holiday? With you, you mean?" Alarm bells were definitely ringing now.

"Shhh, don't worry, pet, you know you can trust me, now just relax, let go for me, sleep..."


Yeah! What a great night she was having, why hadn't she been to this club for so long? Her legs were wobbly from dancing, and she part wriggled, part pushed her way to the bar, giving the boy she shoved aside an eyeful of cleavage to soften the deal.

Grasping her bottle, she threw herself down on some cushions where she could still do some people watching as she recovered.

"Oh, hi! You again," said a voice slightly above her. She tried to focus on where it was coming from, the guy seemed familiar, but she couldn't place him. He chuckled, seeing her confusion, but enjoying the upper hand. "We were just dancing together earlier, we were singing along to a few tracks, remember?"

"Sure! You got good taste!" She'd thought he was cute, and he looked even better from this angle, although it was a little awkward craning her neck. Would it be too forward to ask him to budge up? There didn't seem to be enough room though, everyone else on the seats were crammed in tight. Instead, he slid off the end and onto the cushions with her. He was still a little above her, taller and sitting more upright, but it meant she could just slouch back again, while still being able to look at him.

"You here with friends?" He asked, not the most exciting start, but she couldn't have come up with much better.

"Naah, there's always people I know here, but I didn't come with anyone," she grinned mischievously, "why? Are you going to kidnap me?"

He looked calmly at her with a strange smile. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Her blood ran cold and her cunt flared hot. "I should have known, anyone who knows all the words to the songs I like must be a psychopath," she retorted bravely, not wanting to show how much he'd got to her.

He pushed some stray hair from her sweaty forehead. "No... I'm not a psychopath... sociopath, perhaps..."

"Oh, you must say that to all the girls..."

"No, just the ones that get turned on by it."

She couldn't really deny it, her breathing was shallow and the feel of his jeans against her bare leg was making her tingle. How was this happening? It was like they were already lovers, as if her body knew something she didn't. "My god, you're full of it, aren't you?" She gasped, but they both knew she was lost.

"Yeah, I guess I am," he leaned closer to her and his voice changed somehow, "and if you look in my eyes you'll see where it all comes from."

It didn't make any sense, her mind whirled helplessly trying to work out what he meant, but while it was occupied, she was falling, helplessly seeking for something that made sense.

"There you go, almost there, just a little further, just keep going, deeper, it's in there, don't worry, just keep looking, you'll get there, relax, so close, so easy, feeling so good, so safe, so comfortable, you're nearly there, just let go for me, it's fine, just let go..."


She didn't need to remember how she got here, it wasn't important, he'd led, she'd followed, everything was as it should be.

"Kneel," everything was as it should be, "suck," everything was as it should be, "fuck yourself," everything was as it should be "come" oh god, everything was exactly as it should be...


Lying in bed, sleepy and cuddling, she smiled at how she'd never have gone along with it if she hadn't subconsciously known what was happening, but that it had felt good, hotter, not knowing that she could trust him, but falling anyway. "Thanks, it was a nice change," she told him as she drifted.

"I'm glad, pet, and really, it doesn't matter if you've been under my control for years, and just thought you were free for an evening, or if you were free until tonight, and now remember years of servitude, does it?"

She tried to follow the words, but it was just too difficult, she was just too tired, so much easier to just agree. "No, sir, it doesn't matter at all..."

"Good pet, sleep now..."

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