Saturday, 23 April 2011


Liz scanned the shelves in the Psychology section, as usual drawn there without really knowing what she was looking for. There were a few books on hypnosis, they didn't look very inspiring, but she wistfully ran her finger along them anyway, almost as if something would flow out of them and up her arm.

"That's the best one," said a voice behind her as she lingered on the one she'd been considering, "but the selection here's shit, you'd be better off buying online."

She turned to see a young man behind her, somehow wavering between looking like someone who'd know about hypnosis and someone who was just pulling her leg. He had an air of geeky intelligence, piercing green eyes, and a cheeky grin. She tried not to notice how sexy he was, she couldn't handle the disappointment of seeing her age reflected in the eyes of youth.

He weighed her up for a few moments, seeming to enjoy her discomfort at not being able to speak or look away. "Buy me a coffee and I'll write down some recommendations." He stated calmly, assuming she would do as he said.

"Do I know you?" she managed to stammer, not sure what was happening.

He chuckled, "Don't you know? Forget things a lot do you?" He winked, and she wasn't sure if she was being called old or a hypnofetishist. Either way, she felt her clit pulse at the dig. He held out his hand. "I'm Adam."

"L-liz" she said grasping his hand, half expecting it to turn into a speed induction, but he just shook it firmly and then rested his other hand on her elbow as he led her to the cafeteria.

She felt a little strange about what was happening, but she bought him a milkshake pretending to be a coffee, and was happy to sip her own Americano and watch him write a few books down on a napkin and natter about their relative merits.

He seemed very knowledgeable, and it felt good to be sitting with a pretty young boy, even if everyone probably thought she was his aunt or something. Eventually he stopped talking and spooned frozen milk into his mouth, licking it slowly and sensuously. She watched with her mouth open. He must know how dirty that looked, right?

"Um, how do you know all this stuff?" Liz asked to break the silence, and not a little to shake herself back to reality.

Adam waved a hand dismissively, "Oh, it's not that advanced, I've been doing it for years, anyone can learn it, you just need to practice applying it to each individual case."

"I've never been hypnotised," she said, her voice filled with yearning.

"Yet," he said calmly. "It would be so easy, I could do it right now if you wanted.

Liz breathed heavily. She felt lightheaded. Her heart pounded and it wasn't just from the coffee. "Please," she whispered.

"Well, just focus on this spoon, and let everything else fade away..."

Liz did as he asked, listened to his suggestions, let the world narrow to the shiny object in his hand. She was a little surprised there was nothing about feeling sleepy, but chastised herself for being so cliched, this wasn't a cheesy film, this was... wait, she'd lost track of what he'd been saying, what was she meant to be doing? Oh yes, that was right, sleep...

It couldn't be that easy could it? Was she really hypnotised? Adam was leaning back, pleased with himself, as if she was. Her head did feel fuzzy, she was staring vacantly at the point where the spoon had been, and didn't feel like doing anything else. Maybe this was what it felt like.

"Smile." came the command, and she felt her face move obediently. She idly noticed that she was aroused, and this increased as he told her to laugh, push her hair back, lean forward, hold his hand, each instruction followed perfectly without her needing to think about it.

"You're hypnotised."

"I'm hypnotised."

"You love how it feels."

"I love how it feels."

"You want to feel like this again."

"I want to feel like this again."

"You're a good girl."

"I'm a good girl."

He paused and smiled, narrowing his eyes, watching her coast on submissive arousal. "Good girls do what they're told."

She gasped, but heard herself repeat "Good girls do what they're told."

"You do what you're told."

"I do what I'm told."

"Follow me." he stood up and she did too, walking behind him through the store. Part of her was still marvelling at the experience, how normal it must look, but how firmly controlled she was. The rest of her was just.. asleep, obedient, aroused, subdued, compliant... She'd have been too turned on to walk if he hadn't been puppeting her.

Without her noticing, they'd entered a large individual toilet cubicle. He stood facing her for an indeterminate amount of time as she stared blankly at him. He seemed to be considering something, and she waited patiently for his decision, aroused and ready for anything.

He stroked her cheek kindly, then whispered "kneel," softly, almost reverentially.

She sank to the floor, eyes gazing glassily at his crotch while he opened his flies.

"Suck my cock."

She unhesitatingly wrapped her lips around its length, closing her eyes, enjoying the feel of it in her mouth, the focus, with no thoughts to distract her from her task of pleasuring him.

The rhythm of her sucking became her whole world, all she knew, his hands on the back of her head her only link to reality. It was peaceful and erotic, everything was so simple, so easy.

He started thrusting harder, and soon his come was pulsing down her throat. She swallowed and then knelt back, waiting for instruction.

He wiped himself off and put his cock away, then knelt down with her. He placed his hand to her sopping panties and looked deep into her eyes. "You've been a very good girl." She shivered and moaned softly. "Come for me now."

Liz ground herself onto his hand, fell forward onto him, and he held her close until she was done. She found she'd mostly woken up and looked shakily at him to see if it was allowed.

He smiled a little nervously, and she was suddenly aware of how young he was again.

"Wow, that was incredible," she said quickly, partly to reassure him, partly in hopeless gratitude.

He chuckled, his eyes glinting with evil again, "Mmm, not bad for your first go, I'll have to push you harder next time."

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